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Amazon working on a PC browser •

Amazon is undoubtedly the most important e-commerce in the world. But the company founded by Jeff Bezos manages many other activities: from streaming of Amazon Prime Video al cloud di AWS, going through the voice assistant Alexa. But it seems that the company wants to launch itself into a “new” area: Amazon would be interested in the creation of browser per PC. And to achieve it, it asks for help from users.

Amazon is building a PC browser (and asking users for help)

Amazon intends to enter an already very crowded market such as that of PC browsers. The company has started work on developing a browser web per computer. And he asked for the opinion of some selected users through a questionnaire.

Nicholas De Leon of Consumer Reports reported on Twitter the news, having been one of the few contacted by the company by e-mail. The request is “We ask you to participate in a short 5-minute survey on web browsers. We want to understand what our customers like about today’s web browsers and what the browsers could do better at.”

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The questions are many and cover different topics. For example, we are talking about funzione “text-to-speech” in un browser. But also how important extensions are, what are the most used features. And above all, why should you change your browser and how important is privacy and security in using your browser.

This survey is not an announcement of an upcoming browser. But it seems pretty obvious that Amazon is developing a web browser for PCs: otherwise why care?

At the moment there is no information about it. Although many are betting that it will be based on Chromiumlike most browsers out there (with the notable exceptions of Safari and Firefox).

Amazon in 2011 had introduced Silk, a heavily modified Android browser optimized for Amazon devices on tablets and other products. Perhaps the company would be thinking about an alternative for PCs and tablets. We will keep you informed.

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