Amazon Xmas Lab: la guida per lo shopping natalizio senza pensieri thumbnail

Amazon Xmas Lab: The Guide to Carefree Christmas Shopping

Amazon Xmas Lab: The Guide to Carefree Christmas Shopping thumbnail

In view of the holiday period and Christmas gifts, now getting closer and closer, Amazon ha creato l’Amazon Xmas Lab. It is a real one user guide that can turn the gift hunt into a fun and rewarding experience. With Amazon Xmas Lab, eight particularly demanding recipients for Christmas gifts are identified and some gift ideas are indicated for each profile.

Amazon Xmas Lab: the guide to Christmas shopping

To provide the right directions for Christmas gifts, Amazon Xmas Lab has indicatedo 8 particularly demanding recipients. These recipients are: The Lovers, the Friends of the Heart, the Friends of the Environment, the Office Managers, the Sweet Halves, the High Expectant Children, the Condominium Doormen and the In-laws. For each profile the secrets have been revealed to identify the perfect gift.

It should also be noted that lo is available in view of the Christmas shopping period Amazon’s Christmas store. This store includes many ideas and proposals to easily identify the right Christmas gifts for the next holiday period. Also noteworthy is the showcase for SMEs which includes the best products of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

Here is the complete guide

All the indications and gift ideas proposed by the guide for Christmas shopping are available directly online, from this link: Amazon XmasLab.

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