Amazon’s Virtual Try On, the sneakers section is here

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Il Virtual Try On di Amazon now also supports sneakers: you can try the virtual shoes, to understand how they will fit. A way to combine the convenience of online shopping with the security of in-store shopping.

Amazon’s Virtual Try On, sneakers are coming too

This summer Amazon had launched this possibility for sunglasses. Which don’t look good on all visas: so you need to try them, even while staying comfortably at home. Now you can do the same with le sneakersto understand if they look good on your feet.

To do this, Amazon has developed its own CVML (Computer Vision Machine Learning). A system that uses your smartphone’s camera to analyze the position, orientation, scale and segmentation of various parts of the foot, such as the ankle and instep. But the artificial intelligence can also understand the crease of the trousers and the structure of the shoe, thanks to a process of deep learning.

In this way you can see gods 3D models shoes and put them on full using augmented reality (AR). To do this, just go to the site or write Virtual Try On in the search bar. Or from the desktop you have to scan the QR code with your iOS device.

Once you find the shoes you want to try on, all you have to do is click “Virtual Trial” on the details page of the product and choose between available colors and variants. You can also take a picture of the shoe on your foot and share it with friends and family on social networks, to hear their opinion before buying it.

This way you can live the whole social experience and test the product before buying it, as you would in the shop. But with the priceless convenience of buying products online, wherever you want to do it. You can try the functionality at this address.