Black Friday: how to understand if the prices are really discounted

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From tomorrow on Amazon and in many other online stores you can sift through offers and discounts che seem unmissable, until next Friday 25 November: ishopping black friday. But to understand if the Black Friday offers are really unmissablehere is a series of tracker e instruments to compare the prices. Because not all offers are as good as they seem.

Black Friday: Price tracker and comparison tool to analyze discounts

Not all deals are as good as they seem, especially in a discount period like the one of Black Friday e del Cyber Monday. Companies and stores want to increase sales, you want to buy: a win-win combination for everyone, but not always equally.

In fact, it often happens that you come across discounts that seem unrealistic: the top-of-the-range 1200-euro smartphone sold for 599 euros, complete with a plate signaling the 50% cut. Too bad that smartphone in particular is now a couple of years old and a few weeks ago it cost 639 euros. So you saved 40 euros, not 600. Not bad, but certainly not the deal that the price on e-commerce suggested.

To avoid these problems, we advise you first of all to keep an eye on our Black Friday offers page and to subscribe to our Telegram channel and that of PrideNerd. But to be sure that the discounts of Black Friday are worth it, there are two simple and effective methods: price trackers and comparison sites.

How to use price trackers to check Black Friday deals

Price trackers are tools that they analyze the price history of an offer. This way, they can tell you how much an item on Amazon (or other site) cost a week or a month ago. In this way you can understand not only the discount compared to the introductory price, but also compared to the “normal” price, before the start of Black Friday.


One of the very first and most famous trackers for Amazon is CamelCamelCamel. We really like that it’s basically a search engine, which doesn’t need to sign up (but you can sign up to get notifications as prices drop).

It just is copy and paste the address pTo see how much the device cost since it was uploaded to Amazon. On the tracker’s website you will also find one section with the best discounts, that you can visit in search of Black Friday offers not to be missed (certified by the price chart).

If you make a lot of purchases, however, we advise you to use the browser extension, which directly embeds the graph on the page when you visit Amazon. You can find it here for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera e Safari.


This tool works in a rather similar way, and also has more refined graphics on the site. Also with Keepa you can evaluate the price development before and during Black Friday with the tracker, you can use the extension to rate each page or copy the address into the search bar. And there is also a really well-structured offers section, with the possibility of searching based on interests.

But the real plus value is l’app per iOS e Android, which allows you to discover the best offers even from your smartphone or tablet.

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Recently acquired by PayPal, Honey is making its way as the perfect solution to see all coupon and save on over 30 thousand e-commerce sites. Stfor that alone it would be worth installing this free tool, with the option to upgrade to Honey Gold to get discounts in a loyalty program.

However, the interesting function for those who want to compare prices on Black Friday with a tracker is the Droplist. In fact, you can visit an e-commerce item when you want (this time not only on Amazon) and receive a notification when the price drops. No graphs or price trend analysis, but between coupons and notifications it allows you to make you buy a product at the lowest possible price.

Sites for comparing offers

An alternative to evaluate offers even without a price tracker and compare them to other sites. This way you can find the best price. And also understand if an offer is truly exceptional, or if the prices are similar across the web.

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You can use different sites to do this. The most used and safe are:

  • an ideal, excellent especially for tech products, which also shows the price trend for some sites as well as indicating those where the product costs less. A truly complete service.
  • Find priceswhich is very easy to consult also due to the good management of the categories, also shows coupons and flyers
  • Kelkoowhich is very fast and clearly shows the discounts of the various products.

With these tools and perhaps some of our advice on Telegram or on the site, we are sure that you will be able to find the best offers for this Black Friday, comparing prices between sites and using trackers to see how much they’ve varied. Good shopping!