AMD 4700S Desktop Kit: proprio come Xbox Series X

The Santa Clara giant announced its new AMD 4700S Desktop Kit, a solution intended for desktop / embedded mini-ITX configurations

The US giant AMD has further expanded its vast product portfolio, with a new solution targeting the sectors desktop/embedded, we are talking about a Desktop Kit (4700S) perfect for solutions with form-factor mini-ITX, and for rather light but long-lasting applications.

It is a system based on the same chip that we find in the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X | S console, therefore Zen 2 architecture, the SoC is called AMD 4700S. At this link you can reach the official product page, but now let’s analyze this kit from its technical data sheet.

AMD 4700S Desktop Kit: proprio come Xbox Series X AMD 4700S Desktop Kit: proprio come Xbox Series X AMD 4700S Desktop Kit: proprio come Xbox Series X

AMD 4700S Desktop Kit: proprio come Xbox Series X

The integrated system which, as mentioned, is based on Zen architecture 2 owns a APU AMD 4700S, which resides on a very small motherboard. Supports up to 16GB in RAM, obviously DDR4. It also has an integrated GPU, but the GPU was installed on the motherboard externally, as the APU 4700S does not provide a iGPU. Some suppose that this move should be framed with a view to saving experts. Since AMD would have decided to recycle defective SoCs produced for Microsoft consoles, and once the integrated GPU was disabled it would have re-proposed this architecture. For now it’s just speculation.

In any case, we find in this configuration 8 core/16 thread, we currently have no information on frequency and cache. Rounding out the spec list we have one Slot PCI-E x16 (Gen 2 x4), solo two doors SATA, but unfortunately we do not find an M.2 Slot. For the connectivity side we find one Gigabit LAN. As for the panel to exit Input / Output we have a audio input, 3 USB 3 Gen 2 ports, one USB 3 Gen 1 port, and 4 USB 2.0 ports. On the motherboard, on the other hand, we find connections for 2 USB3 Gen1 connections, and HD Audio input. The required power supply is 300W.

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