Swappie Primo Smartphone: buying advice

Swappie provides advice and precautions to take into consideration if you are buying the first smartphone for your child. Let’s see it all

Summer is one of the best moments per buy the first smartphone to their own sons. Not only as a gift for promotion or for the first holiday with friends, but also because the summertime is in fact a moment where the parents they manage to supervise with more attention on the use of smartphone and therefore educate i their children yet correct use e sure.

Swappie, Finnish e-commerce of refurbished smartphones, has compiled 5 elements that parents they should keep in consideration when they are found in front of the choice of buy the smartphone to the children.

Swappie Primo Smartphone: buying advice

Swappie Primo Smartphone: the advice

  • Price: the first smartphone it doesn’t have to be the newest model it is expensive. The first smartphone it doesn’t have to be the most expensive model on the market, as the phone can be easily damaged during use especially by the little ones. The price should be such for the purchase of a replacement phone is not excessive.
  • Dimensions: the phone should stand in the hand O in the trouser pocket of his own child. Since boys have small hands, i small phones I’m easier to use and yes to handle e fewer subjects a falls or other dynamics that can damage it. A pocket size is the best choice.
  • Resistance: not always when young lends itself to right care to their own personal effects and this also applies to the smartphone. Fortunately, it does smartphone could be protected in various ways. In fact it is always better provide for protection for it screen glass that will avoid scratches and cracks O enclosures that protect him.
  • Safety: agree with your children the ground rules per use. Of course, phone use has its risks. The way more simple per manage a smartphone in the hands of one’s own child is to decide together with the rules e setting up, for example, usage limits during the day, for what activity and for how long. It’s important to teach to their children good habits online and explain, for example, what kind of photos and posts are appropriate for uploading to social media.
  • Sustainability: to consider the green aspect it is more and more important. The production process of an new smartphone has a considerable environmental impact. The extraction of rare minerals and the production process in fact cause the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Buy your children as their first smartphone a refurbished model it means not only contribute in positive way a to limit the impact on climate change but it can be one of the first ways to begin with educate them to an approach to eco-sustainable consumption.

Why is it better to choose a refurbished smartphone for your children?

The Refurbished iPhones like them available its Swappie definitely respond to all these needs and can therefore be chosen as the first phone of their children. In addition to having size quite reduced, especially the older ones, they are durable and have a price definitely more advantageous than a new one. Not only that, parents can also choose to buy it through Scalapay, an innovative payment method which allows you to buy an iPhone on Swappie by paying it in 3 comode rate equal with monthly deadline e at no additional cost.

From the June 21, 2021 al June 30, 2021, while stocks last, on the Swappie website there are i summer sales: further discounts up to 80€ on devices that already start from discounted prices until the 40% compared to new devices.

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