AMD: over 30 vulnerabilities discovered in its processors!

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AMD runs for cover, found over 30 security vulnerabilities in their CPUs. Patches are coming. Affected; Athlon, Ryzen and Threadripper

Identify well 31 vulnerabilities in the field of security, which have affected the CPUs of the giant AMD, protagonists of the story many CPU families from EPYCs to Ryzen. Two bulletins, released in recent days, have been disclosed, but the positive news is that already 28 of these were analyzed and resolvedthe complete patches will arrive soon, the first to be solved were the Server processors, the EPYC.

Of all these, in particular are four with the highest level of dangeraccording to some experts, however, the further 9 have no particular relevance, while the remaining fifteen have a hypothetical limited impact. The greatest danger is given by the fact that some of these present an arbitrary execution of some codeswhich would potentially open up different avenues of attack on the machine, such as writing data to high profile regions such as SMM from SEV-ES. Those were the words of an AMD security representative

During a security review in collaboration with Google, Microsoft and Oracle, potential vulnerabilities in AMD Secure Processor (ASP), AMD System Management Unit (SMU), AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) and other platform components were discovered and mitigated with AMD EPYC AGESA PI packages

AMD: over 30 vulnerabilities discovered in its processors!

AMD: over 30 vulnerabilities discovered in its processors!

Interestingly, however, not all individual processors belonging to a range have been corrected, therefore the flaws have not affected all CPUsthis at least according to the first speculations, could also be another reason, namely that trivially there are delays in coverage with patches, this can be seen from the security bulletins made known by AMD, where they are indicated for the different series of processors the AGESA revision that mitigates the vulnerability.

We will keep you updated for further news regarding this unfortunate situation, for the moment these are the only information present. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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