AMD unveils new Radeon PRO GPUs

AMD unveils its new Radeon PRO GPUs to the world, focused on the business and professional sectors

With the current shortage of stocks regarding the market for GPU, the announcement of new releases can reassure consumers as regards production, but not for availability, which in the last year and a half has become very limited due to the pandemic, affecting the electronics and IT companies most due to the lack of semiconductors. While in, AMD announces the new ones Radeon PRO GPU, precisely the W6000 series models, but let’s see them in more detail.

Main and technical characteristics of GPUs

The new series of graphics cards Radeon PRO delivers a performance boost in RDNA 2 architecture by 46% more than the previous generation of professional video cards, a production process of 7 nm that allows a speed of operations, even for the heaviest ones, greater than the previous generation; the maximum amount of VRAM of the cards is 32 GB, obviously present the technology based on ray tracing and the computing power reaches up to 18 TFLOP for the most advanced and powerful model on the market (W6800).

AMD unveils new Radeon PRO GPUs

All the specifications of the two Radeon PRO series graphics card models

The W6000 series consists of only two graphics cards: the W6800, equipped with more hardware features, and the W6600, which instead has 8 GB of VRAM and a power of 10.74 TFLOP; also present 6 Mini Display Port ports on model W6800 and 4 Display Port ports on the minor model. Both video cards have the name Radeon PRO, indicating the use of these GPUs in the professional and technical field, with optimizations regarding graphics software, 3D rendering and video editing, as well as many other programs for professional use, and a greater fidelity of the result focused on the professional use of companies and various professionals in the sector. The video cards will currently cost $ 2249 for the W6800 model and $ 649 for the W6600 model, respectively.

AMD unveils new Radeon PRO GPUs

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