AMD Zen 4 “Raphael”: details leaked in the slides

The next generation of AMD Zen 4 processors, codenamed “Raphael”, will be the protagonists of the next few years, but rumors have been going on for several weeks. Now slides are also appearing to corroborate the hypotheses and rumors

The new AMD Zen 4 CPUs will not arrive in the near future, but rumors have been going on for some time. It probably won’t be the next generation coming out in 2022 that uses the new architecture. Instead we could see an improvement in the Zen 3 architecture that we have already seen in action with major improvements at the IPC level. Furthermore, AMD has proven to are working on some really interesting technologies like 3D V-Cache, a really interesting novelty based on 3D chip packing that allows you to significantly expand the processor cache with enormous advantages: performance on average 15% higher in 1080p gaming with peaks of up to 25%. 3D V-Cache technology together with a refinement of the production process could be the novelties on which AMD will focus in the second half of 2021 and early 2022. But what does the future hold? Let’s see what the leaked slides on the new AMD Zen 4 “Rapheal” processors tell us.

AMD Zen 4 "Raphael": details leaked in the slides AMD Zen 4 "Raphael": details leaked in the slides

AMD Zen 4 “Rapheal”: new confirmations

It seems that a set of slides on the next generation of processors have been available for more than a year. The information, however, had been kept under lock and key by the GamersNexus newspaper because there was no other confirmation to support. In recent weeks, however, the leakers have been particularly busy, especially ExecutableFix, which has started release details on AMD Zen 4 “Raphael” and then something has unlocked as we learn from the Videocardz site.

We don’t have a lot of information, but at least it’s more solid now. There is some disparity between the new information and what you see in the slides of 2020 that could come from an internal presentation to the company. For example, the TDP of the new AMD Zen 4 CPUs could go up to 120W according to the latest information, while the older slides indicated a maximum of 105 W. However, there are also unpublished information in the slides released by GamersNexus such as the APUs of gaming notebooks that had not been talked about before. These APUs could respond to the name of “Phoenix”, also equipped with a Zen 4 core architecture, which will probably debut at the same time as the “Raphael” CPUs. Another difference is in the PCIe lines: according to the slides in fact we will have 24 PCIe lanes as for Zen 3, on the contrary, the latest rumors on Twitter speak of 28 PCIe lanes.

AMD Zen 4 "Raphael": details leaked in the slides

The specifications of the new CPUs

The slides also confirm a codename for the CCD of AMD Zen 4 or “Durango”. Raphael would present the Zen4 CCD made with process technology TSMC N5 and CIOD3 for communication with a process N7 di TSMC. The slides also confirm that the new APUs could count on the Navi 2 architecture for the integrated graphics part that is currently still at Vega. The leap in quality is still able to guarantee “basic desktop graphics performance”.

Another slide showing the new AM5 package with various CIOD3 configuration details and the ability to mount up to two Durango CCDs. In fact, the secondary CCD is optional and reserved for higher-end solutions. However, the phantom 3 CCD configuration mentioned some time ago is not mentioned. In addition, it is also confirmed that every CCD has up to 8 cores and 16 threads. This means that at the CCD level there will be no major changes compared to Zen 3. Another slide shows an unreleased “Raphael AM4 SoC”. It is unclear if this refers to a low-power APU designed with the older AM4 design and as a result AMD Zen 4 could live between two platforms or if this is simply a mistake.

AMD Zen 4 "Raphael": details leaked in the slides AMD Zen 4 "Raphael": details leaked in the slides

On top of that we have the information from ExecutableFix which revealed the design of the package AM5 (LGA1718) and Raphael’s built-in heatsink. In addition he also revealed that Raphael it will only support DDR5 memory (which again is opposed to the DDR4-only slide, but that would probably be anachronistic) and will offer TDP up to 170W (reportedly for a special edition SKU). Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go until the debut of the AMD Zen 4 CPUs, but we will wait patiently for news! That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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