My Hero Academia Reveals Deku’s New Powers | Jump Highlights

In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, we discover another of the powers that Midoriya has inherited thanks to the One for All, the Fa jin. In One Piece instead we discover that Luffy is still alive and ready to fight

A new week in which the big titles are king, come on Weekly Shonen Jump, on MangaPlus. Today we focus on My Hero Academia, with chapter 315 which continues to tell the epic clash between Midoriya and the mercenary Lady Nagant.

Midoriya has so far made wise use of the quirks inherited from the previous owners of theOne for All. From Smokescreen, to Danger Sense and Black Whip, Deku is able to combine various powers to achieve mind-blowing results.

Lady Nagant, for her part, intends to distract her opponent by threatening to execute Chisaki, also escaped from Tartaros prison.

Midoriya then activates the Fa jin, the quirk of the third successor. It is a power-up capable of accumulating and releasing kinetic energy, generating powerful bursts of speed. In this way, he manages to save Chisaki.

At that point, Lady Nagant is on the ropes, and our hero, having recognized her as a person with an uncorrupted heart, tries to end the fight before it becomes mortal. Unfortunately, theAll for One he foresees this eventuality, and Nagant explodes, remaining on the verge of death.

My Hero Academia Reveals Deku's New Powers |  Jump Highlights

Not only My Hero Academia: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

One Piece is always on the crest of the wave: in chapter 1015 we see in action a new, extraordinary power of Luffy of unknown origin.

In fact, while he is sinking in the water, he manages to communicate telepathically with Momonosuke. In this way the heir to the throne of Wano warns the allies that Luffy is not dead at all, but he will certainly return to the fight. Furthermore, also i pirates of the heart, the crew of Trafalgar Law, hear Luffy’s mental voice while they are on the submarine, thus managing to rescue him.

This week’s color pages go to instead Black Clover, where the fierce battle against the devils continues. This time it is Noelle to shine with a new skill, or arcane stage, the saint stage, obtainable only by being accompanied by one of the mana spirits.