American Airlines will allow you to use TikTok for free in flight

American Airlines vi permetterà di usare TikTok gratuitamente in volo thumbnail

According to a press release released by American Airlines, now it will be possible enjoy TikTok for free during airline flights. Passengers will be able to use the app for a maximum of 30 minutes for free, which will give them time to watch a lot of videos on the platform. If you don’t already have the app installed, the airline says you can download it for free while you’re flying. In short, a complete service.

American Airlines will allow you to watch 30 minutes of TikTok video for free while in flight

The move of make TikTok available to travelers comes as airlines are trying to draw attention to flights again, after the number of people traveling by air dropped during the pandemic. One of its competitors, United, has also technologically upgraded its fleet, allowing passengers to pre-order snacks on board and adding planes that support bluetooth audio for seat screens.

American Airlines recently allowed passengers to use Facebook Messenger for free in flight, giving them at least one connection to the outside world. Something that some of its competitors have been doing for years, for the same app and other messaging apps.

According to the airline’s press release, the promotion is a “test”. CNET reports that the customer’s response will determine how long the trial will last. American Airlines is therefore looking for feedback from passengers.

But before planning your future flights around free TikTok, know that it doesn’t appear that all flights will have access to the app. American Airlines specifies that the promotional offer is limited to narrow-body aircraft equipped with sistemi Wi-Fi Viasat. Many aircraft in the airline’s fleet appear to be considered narrow-body, but aircraft like the Boeing 787 are not. American also uses some Wi-Fi providers for its flights, so even if a flight has Wi-Fi it may not come from Viasat.

The airline’s press release tells its passengers that they can expect to find a lot of content on the platform, including “travel inspiration” and “career advice”. While it’s hard to imagine people looking at TikToks to make a resume, spending half an hour searching for short videos isn’t actually the worst idea. Often in flight, time never passes and it is nice to experience 30 minutes in flight lightly.

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