American teenagers love Apple and iPhones: data

Gli adolescenti americani amano Apple e gli iPhone: i dati thumbnail

Teens in the US love iPhones and Apple products. In fact, the Cupertino-based company reaches an impressive market share among overseas teenagers. According to a survey, in fact, 87% of American teenagers own an iPhone and still 87% will focus on an iPhone as the next smartphone. It should be noted that about 23% of users who participated in the survey are preparing to switch to iPhone 13 in the coming months. About 18%, on the other hand, already own an iPhone 13.

Teens choose iPhones and Apple products in the US

Apple’s spread among US teenagers doesn’t stop there. The 72% of American teenagers, in fact, have one of the variants of AirPods. The Apple Watch is also spreading more and more. We are not at the levels of iPhones and AirPods but the percentage is still relevant. In fact, around 37% of teen users own an Apple smartwatch.

Record data also for services

Not surprising Apple Pay results which is confirmed as the first payment service among American teenagers with 23%. The data in question are closely linked to the enormous diffusion of Apple devices. The possession of an iPhone and an Apple Watch, in fact, pushes younger users to use the payment services of the Cupertino house. Apple has all the resources and the credentials to continue to grow and to record even greater values ​​in the near future.