Rainbow Six Mobile: svelati gameplay e trailer

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Rainbow Six Mobile is one of the latest Ubisoft creations that has decided to reveal itself to the world with a lot of trailers and gameplay

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that Rainbow Six Mobile has been confirmed by Ubisoft, the same house as Assassin’s Creed to say a title, after some information had already leaked about it. At this point there is nothing left to do but do things right and reveal too gameplay e trailer! So let’s try to go ahead with some order.

Rainbow Six Mobile: Let’s take a closer look

Rainbow Six Mobile therefore bases a large part of its gameplay on the well-known Siege and, despite being a title for mobile free to play, the quality doesn’t seem to be bad. There will always be there five-on-five mode (split between attackers and defenders), but others have also been added maps with destructible, different elements personages and in general it was improved gameplay whole.

The rest, working in this capacity for at least three years, it was more than desirable to find each other, and here it is appropriate to say it since we are not talking about a PC or console game, a product of a certain caliber. The same authors of the game then pointed out how, despite sharing the office with the colleagues of the Siege team, they I’m the only one made up of veterans from both the triple-A world and the smartphone gaming world.

Do not forget that I am registrations are already open for a more than imminent Alpha versionbut it has already been said that there will certainly be a few in the coming weeks “live tests” to get as much feedback as possible.

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