Amnesia The Bunker: officially announced the new title of the saga

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Officially announced Amnesia: The Bunker, the new chapter of the horror saga. Let’s find out all the details in this news

Like a bolt from the blue, the officialization of a brand new chapter of the famous Frictional Games horror saga arrives. Amnesia: The Bunker, this is the title of the game recently announced with a trailer dedicated by the Swedish software house, will be the sequel to Rebirth (of which you can find our review at this link), the last chapter released only about two years ago , and will arrive for PC and consoles. Are you ready to discover the new horrors of this brand new adventure?

The new chapter of Amnesia, titled The Bunker, has been announced

After having indelibly marked the survival horror genre with the first chapter of the series, which arrived back in 2010 and almost immediately became a classic, it took the guys at Frictional Games almost a decade to get their hands on their successful franchise again (if you can’t count A Machine For Pigs, a sequel released in 2013, however developed by The Chinese Room and considered by many not up to par with the previous one). After Rebirth, released in 2020, however, it seems that this time fans will not have to wait long to see a new chapter. Amnesia: The Bunker has in fact just been announced, and should arrive in 2023.

According to the statements made, in this new title we will play a French soldier from the First World War, who finds himself (obviously without remembering how) in an abandoned armored shelter, where he will have to deal with a constant and ever-present threat (whether it is of an enemy similar to Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis? If you missed it, you can find our review of the remake at this link). It also seems that the game will be a real revolution for the series, thanks to a structure declared as semi-open world and new gameplay mechanics that will allow the player an unprecedented freedom of approach for the franchise. We look forward to new information.

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