An Apple executive was fired for a video on TikTok

Un dirigente Apple è stato licenziato dopo un video su TikTok thumbnail

Social networks can have negative effects as certified by the story of Tony Blevins, manager of Apple, protagonist of a video on TikTok. The manager, who managed the power of attorney of the Cupertino house dealing with the drafting of contracts (in exchange for a very high salary, was the protagonist of a video of Daniel Mac, tiktoker became famous for a particular format.

A video on TikTok costs an Apple manager a job

Tony Blevins starred in a video by tiktoker Daniel Mac, known for his videos in which he asks more or less famous people what they do in life to be able to afford to drive very expensive supercars. Apple’s manager, driving a Mercedes SLR McLaren gives 500 thousand dollarswas “interviewed” by Daniel Mac. Blevins’ response, however, did not please Apple.

The former manager of the Cupertino house, in fact, gave an ironic and vulgar answer that prompted Apple to take immediate action. The company does not tolerate “out of line” behavior from its executive executives and the video, which quickly went viral on TikTok, cost the now former Apple manager his job.

Note that Tony Blevins has worked with Apple for 22 years. It is not the first time that Apple has taken measures of this type after “social” outbursts of its employees. However, this is the first time that the “victim” of the Cupertino company policy is a high-profile manager.