Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike: unlimited fun!

Braun e Bella Dentro: propongono una campagna contro gli sprechi

With Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike, the little ones will be able to challenge each other by gravity and magnetism!

Anyone who hangs out on the pages of knows well that Geomag it is a brand that we know deeply. We first analyzed the “Pro-L” series, dedicated to young and old, which allows us to create sophisticated constructions, making us feel like real architects. But we also learned about Geomag Mechanics which, unlike the previous one, allows you to create real mechanisms that work thanks to magnetic and gravity force.

And it comes from the latter collection Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike: a real challenge for your little ones, which requires speed and skill but which, as Geomag accustoms us, gives space to learning magnetism and more.

Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike: what is it about?

Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike consists of ben 186 sections. Among these we have the classic magnetic sticks and balls, but also plastic parts and a cardboard base that acts as a guide for the game.

The construction of the main structure is really simple. Unlike other construction games (such as LEGO), here the sections are very large and, therefore, can be set up by a child independently without any help from an adult. To create the structure, simply place the cardboard guide on a surface and start putting the pieces together following the guide (also available as a video).

If you have read our article on the Gravity Vertical Motor you will find that the structure that we will put on is very similar to the latter. In fact, the game consists in inserting the spheres in the tower; with the force of gravity, the spiral will turn the mechanism which, thanks to the sticks placed on the ends, will have to make the towers placed around fall down.

Of course, this is where magnetism comes into play. The faster the balls are inserted, the faster the mechanism will turn. The game can be enjoyed alone, but also in the company of 3 other players. Obviously the challenge becomes much more interesting when the challengers are multiple since everyone will try to insert the ball as quickly as possible in order to bring down the opposing tower!

Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike: unlimited fun!

Cost and availability

Geomag Mechanics Challenge Strike is, unlike the previous products of the company that we have had the opportunity to test, an excellent game that gives its best when it is shared with more friends. The simplicity of assembly and the final result that allows the little ones to see this mechanism in motion are winning factors from all points of view. The Swiss quality of Geomag is always excellent.

We thank Geomag for their collaboration and invite you to follow our pages to continue receiving gift ideas similar to this and much more!