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An Apple supplier reveals a detail of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra

Apple’s supplier, Cirrus Logicmay have revealed a detail on the design of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra: next year’s top of the range will have solid state volume and power keys. Something that had already leaked, but that a message to the company’s investors may have confirmed.

iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will have solid state keys, confirmation from the Apple supplier

Cirrus Logic wrote in a letter to investors that it is “reasoning with a strategic client” and plans to “bring new HPMSs (mixed-signal, high-performance chips) into the smartphone market next year.”

Among the components that this Apple supplier makes are the drivers that serve the solid state buttons. Not real “buttons”, but solid keys that thanks to the iPhone Taptic Engines give tactile feedback which gives the impression of having crushed them all the way. A solution that makes smartphones more resistant, avoiding openings in the side body.

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Cirrus Logic CEO, John Forsythsaid these components should arrive in the second half of 2023, just when the new iPhone 15 should debut (in September). Two English analysts, Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley, confirm that Cirrus Logic was indeed talking about iPhones. And less than a month ago the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was the first to announce this news.

Kuo had also explained that the new keys should return to show the design used in the iPhone 7 and 8 (or more recent SE). So round and minimalist. And with haptic feedback that makes it easier to adjust the volume without looking at the screen.

However, these new keys should only come on Pro and Ultra models (which should become the new name of the Pro Max), to differentiate them from the basic and Plus models.

However, we reiterate that these they are just rumorsWhile it seems unlikely that Cirrus Logic will have another major “strategic customer” needing this technology in the second half of next year, Apple could change its mind before production begins. We will keep you posted.

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