Presentata la pre-stagione 2023 di League of Legends thumbnail

League of Legends 2023 Pre-Season Introduced

League of Legends 2023 pre-season thumbnail presented

Recently, with the notes of the patch 12.22Riot Games also showcased the lots of news arriving for the League of Legends preseason 2023. We pass from the opportunity to redeem the Drago Chemtechto a new one Landa Chemtech, three new adorable companions of the jungle, seven new itemsnew balance changes ARAM and so on. Let’s find out all the details together.

League of Legends 2023 Pre-Season Introduced

Il Drago Chemtech he’s back and better than ever. The goal of this new and improved dragon is to encourage the play more aggressively e strategic. In fact, he wants to encourage players to fight to the end to gain the advantage over their opponents.

  • Drago Chemtech: When Chemtech Dragon is below half health, it gains 33% damage resistance and deals 50% more damage. This Dragon deals 100% of total Attack Damage + 4% of target’s Health as Physical damage with each attack;
  • Buff Chemtech: When a team kills a Chemtech Dragon they gain a stackable buff that grants 5% Tenacity and 5% healing and shield;
  • Chemtech Soul: When receiving Chemtech Soul, players gain a buff that grants 10% damage resistance and 10% more damage when below 50% health.

Along with the new dragon also comes the new one Landa Chemtech. The Chemtech gas that was introduced to the Rift during last year’s preseason was a little too toxic for a good gaming experience. For this reason, this year, the League team has decided to adopt a more measured approach. Now, instead of settling on the surface, Zaun’s chemicals they have crept into the Riftchanging the environment and boosting jungle plants with different effects.

  • Stimulating fruits: Honeyfruits become Stimulating Fruits and provide the usual healing more a bonus shield, no longer slowing champions who consume it;
  • Explosive Bulbs: Blast Cones now target units within range twice further away when they explode;
  • Fireshine Sprout: Divination Sprout becomes Firefire Sprout and reveals a small area around the plant when destroyed in addition to the normal cone in the opposite direction it was destroyed. Marked allies also gain movement speed in that direction for a short time. Finally, revealed enemy wards reach 1 health.

To find out all the news coming in the League of Legends preseason 2023 you can consult the official post.

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