An artwork could anticipate the development of Darksiders 4

According to an artwork leaked on the net on the ArtStation THQ Nordic platform, it is currently in the development of Darksiders 4. Let’s see the details

After a long hiatus, THQ Nordic returns to talk about the popular hack n ‘slash series of titles, Darksiders. The studio hadn’t published anything after the launch of Darksiders Genesis, a spin off of the series. Today, a artwork surfaced on the net could reveal it development of the next Darksiders 4. If confirmed, players will be called to return to the battlefield as one of the four horsemen from Apocalypse. Let’s find out the details together.

Was the development of Darksiders 4 revealed by an artwork?

They have passed two years since the launch of Darksiders 3. While THQ Nordic has subsequently released a spin off title, Genesis (which far exceeded the expectations of the developer), a sequel official of the series was never announced. However do not despair, because all may not be lost. Recently, the Art director Anton Lavrushkin has published a promotional artwork which would seem to indicate the development of a new one Darksiders 4. The artwork was commissioned by THQ Nordic for the series franchise.

An artwork could anticipate the development of Darksiders 4

The depicted character would seem Lilith, she who created i Nephilim and helped i cavalieri along all previous games, albeit keeping their own personal goals. On the one hand, this means that it could be next playable character, on the other that she could be the potential villain O ally of the future protagonist. Along with the artwork came additional images depicting the subject in poses static e dynamics. At this point we are only waiting for one official confirmation, which could happen right during the next The Game Awards 2021 the next December 9th. So be on the lookout for further updates.

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