An icon inspired by the Apple event arrives on Twitter

Cosa aspettarsi dall'evento Apple del 14 settembre thumbnail

We all know what Apple’s event is the most anticipated of the day. The “California Streaming”, in fact, has generated quite a few expectations. To such an extent that the Twitter App has launched a special animation for the Like, clearly inspired by the Cupertino company. As you can see from the tweet shared by the platform, the animation reproduces the luminescent graphics that Apple has chosen to use for today’s event, which slowly turns into the characteristic heart of the “Like”. A detail that does not go unnoticed, and which at the same time is an interesting tribute to Cook’s company.

The Apple event honored on Twitter by a special animation

Apple began using Twitter’s unique “Like” animations to promote its events last year. The “Time Flies” event of September 2020, in fact, was the first occasion in which an application icon was used to promote an Apple event. And even with good results, let us tell you. This time, therefore, the Cupertino company has chosen to launch a personalized hashtag complete with a logo for l’evento “California Streaming”.

Something similar had already been devised by Apple for the “Spring Loaded” event in April and then for the WWDC in June. But this time the idea seems to have a greater effect. From what we have read on Twitter, many users continue to click on the “Like” button on Twitter to enjoy the animation created for this occasion. A test that we advise you to do, because it is really worth it. On the other hand, considering the news that the Cupertino company intends to promote today, it is not surprising that an initiative of this type has appeared on social networks. Apple goes big, and we know it well. And once again, the company does not contradict itself.