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An interesting detail revealed on the new iPad Pro

As far as we know, the new Apple’s iPad Pro should arrive on the market by the end of 2022, bringing with it the endowment of chip M2. And now a new Macotakara supply chain report hints that the device may be equipped with “4-pin connectors on the top and bottom side edges”. What they will do, however, is not yet clear.

Apple: The iPad Pro will have new 4-pin connectors

More news on the new iPad Pro from Apple. This time the rumors come from Macotakara, who published an interesting report based on “reliable sources in China”. From what we have seen, it would appear that the new model has the same “case design” and “frame design” as the current one. The difference, as anticipated, would lie in the two 4-pin connectors, which presumably will be located on the “upper and lower side edges”. According to the report, these new connectors could “help power peripherals” that plug into the Thunderbolt / USB-C port.

iPad Pro Apple Credits: Macotakara

A useful novelty especially when we consider that iPadOS 16 will allow device manufacturers to create drivers for the iPad with the addition of DriverKit support. Therefore, connectors could be useful in this manufacturing process. However, what they are rather strange is where they are placed these connectors. Also because it is not clear whether these will replace the existing Smart Connector, located at the bottom of the rear of Apple’s current iPad Pro. And if so, this could break compatibility with the Smart Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

There is nothing clear about this indiscretion. Some have speculated that the connectors could serve as support for MagSafe, but for this the Mac uses a 5-pin connector. While Macotakara explicitly spoke of 4-pin connectors. It remains to be seen, therefore, what they could really be used for. In the meantime, let’s be content to know that Apple is preparing us for another interesting news.

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