Xiaomi conquista il 266° posto della classifica Fortune Global 500 thumbnail

Xiaomi conquers the 266th place of the Fortune Global 500 ranking

Xiaomi conquered the 266th place of the ranking Fortune Global 500 2022. The world’s leading consumer electronics company, the world’s third largest smartphone maker, topped the list for the fourth consecutive yearafter first appearing in the rankings at the position 468 in 2019just nine years after its foundation.

Since then, the company has improved its ranking every year. In 2020 she was in the 422nd position; in 2021 she instead conquered the 338ª position, until reaching the finish line this year.

Xiaomi conquers the 266th place of the Fortune Global 500 ranking

Xiaomi Fortune Global 500

The turnover and net profit of Xiaomi They have reached new peaks in 2021. Xiaomi’s global turnover reached i RMB 328.3 billionwith a growth of 33.5% compared to the previous year. Net profit, on the other hand, reached i RMB 22 billion in 2021with an increase of 69,5% compared to the previous year.

In addition, last year, the company’s revenue in overseas markets are increased by 33.7% compared to 2020, making up the 49.8% of total revenue. In the first quarter of 2022 the percentage rose to 51,1%.

Also, thanks to the market strategy Smartphone x AIoTthe global shipping of Xiaomi’s smartphones have reached record levels in 2021.

AIoT products also exploded rapidly, creating a rich ecosystem of solutions around smartphones. As reported by Canalysin 2021 Xiaomi was ranked third in the global smartphone industry with a market share of 14,1%.

Indeed the sales of its smartphones have reached first place in 14 markets and were among the top five in 62 markets.

In 2021, the number of high-end Xiaomi smartphone shipments has risen to about 13% of total shipments of smartphones, almost double compared to the previous year. The company, however, did not stop and continued to increase investment in research.

In 2021, Xiaomi’s spending on R&S was of 13.2 billion RMBwith a 42.3% increase compared to the previous year. Over the next five years, research investment is expected to exceed RMB 100 billion. As of March 31, 2022, Xiaomi had achieved more than 26,000 patents.

The company has promised it will continue to strive for making high quality products a affordable prices, so that everyone can enjoy a better life thanks to its innovative technologies. For more information on Xiaomi, you can consult the official site.

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