An ultrasound patch to keep the heart under control: the study

Un cerotto ad ultrasuoni per tenere sotto controllo il cuore: in futuro potrebbe diventare realtà thumbnail

An ultrasound patch will be used to monitor how well your heart is working, with continuous monitoring throughout the day. The project is under development and a study anticipates its characteristics. Here are the details:

A hi-tech patch will be able to monitor heart function in real time

A study published in Nature, called “A wearable cardiac ultrasound imager”shows the project of a new patch capable of monitor the functioning of the heartby performing a real-time echocardiogram. The project is only in an initial conceptualization phase and a long work will be needed to develop a definitive prototype.

However, the development guidelines have been defined. The patch capable of keeping the heart under control could become a medical reality in the future. This is an interesting evolution of the wearable sector for monitoring people’s vital parameters. With a simple (at least apparently) patch it could be possible to keep the correct functioning of the heartbeat under control.

It should be noted that, according to the study authors, i Ultrasound devices could increasingly become a reference for health monitoring. Solutions like the patch described above could also be developed to make devices that can monitor other vital signs in the future.