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The electric Ferraris will be “heard”: a patent anticipates it

The electric Ferraris will be "heard": confirmation from a thumbnail patent

Ferrarilike the entire four-wheeler market, prepares for the transition to electric: there would be several electric cars in the pipeline for the future of the Maranello house. Among the characteristics of the new projects there will probably also be an exclusive sound. Indeed, a patent anticipates the introduction of a system capable of simulating the “roar” of the petrol-powered supercars from Maranello. Here are the first details about the project.

Ferrari’s electrics will have a particular sound

According to this patent, the Ferrari electrics will be heard and they can count on a speaker placed on the rear axle. This device should have the ability to increase the noise associated with the operation of the electric motor to create a clear sound capable of making the use of the model distinguishable.

For sports cars, the sound is an important aspect. The switch to electric opens up new questions and forces manufacturers to evaluate the solutions available to create electric supercars capable of equaling the petrol versions in terms of noise. We’ll see how Ferrari will be able to implement this solution in its models.

We remind you that the first electric Ferrari will only debut after 2025.

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