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gta 6 trailer lucia

The elephant in the room today (and we’re sure the next few days) is the release of the first real trailer for GTA 6, the new chapter of the historic Rockstar Games saga. Announced well in advance by the software house itself, the trailer was released overnight and in just a few hours has already gained a monopoly on attention in the gaming world. The video (which you can see below) gives us a taste of what we will see, the new graphics engine, the protagonists of this chapter and also the release date game release, scheduled for 2025.

As great fans of the saga and details, we have seen the trailer over and over again and have analyzed elements that at first glance might go unnoticed. Here’s everything we noticed, from the obvious to the subtle. Obviously, since this is a first trailer, many of the things you will see in this article could just be theories and suppositions, let us dream!

What does the first trailer for GTA 6 tell us? – Lucia

Among the most evident elements there is certainly the confirmation that one of the protagonists of the sixth chapter of GTA is a woman: Lucia. We still know nothing about her except that she is already inside the criminal world and at least in the first sequences, inside a prison. Together with her there is a second male protagonist still unnamed. However, it seems confirmed that the two are a couple, due to a sequence of outpourings between the two, while an off-screen voice states that “the only way to overcome this situation is to remain united”. Rumors also say that Lucia may have a child but nothing in the trailer makes us think of this detail.

Lucia will therefore be the first female protagonist to have ever appeared in a GTA chapter in 27 years.

Vice City is just the beginning

gta 6 trailer 1024x576 1

It has been known for a long time that Vice City it would have been the main scenario of GTA VI but thanks to the trailer we understood that in addition to the main city, there will be much, much more.

In fact, a series of place names appear in road signs and news bulletins in this short trailer. Some road signs highlight locations such as Kelly County, Catalan Boulevard, l’aeroporto VCI, Vice Beaches, Port VC/Keys and what appear to be called city neighborhoods Stockyard e Downtown. While the map seems to be significantly expanded compared to the “original” one of Vice City, seen in 2002.

The city and its surroundings are positioned in the fictional American state of Leonidas, created based on the current state of Florida, with local settings and animals. About that…

…wildlife will be much larger (?)

gta 6 animals

In the wake of Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA VI could also have some diverse and vibrant wildlife. In addition to the presence of dogsconfirmed by a delightful chihuahua running on the beach, can also be seen in the GTA 6 trailer flamingos, alligators, dolphins and sharks. Considering the variety of animals present in Florida and the vast rural areas present in the game, we can make a prediction of the other animals that may appear in the game. Between these, we could find from panthers to bears, deer, turtles, manatees and more.

It is unclear how animals can add new gameplay mechanics (as in RDR 2) but we are sure that Rockstar Games will have invented something. From hunting, to photography or even studying animals, there is no shortage of options.

Social media could play an important role

gta 6 social media

GTA games are no stranger to exploring the world of the internet directly in game; from GTA IV which introduced the active use of the cell phone and GTA V, where we can actually browse the web. From the GTA 6 trailer it seems that the world of social media is more alive than ever, just like in our world.

It seems that a new TikTok-style video sharing platform will be introduced with GTA 6. From here we will be able to see live streaming, videos and “reels” like Instagram. Viral videos could play an important role, at least in the trailer, with NPCs appearing to react when filmed. Obviously this could be a pretext to show more scenes in the trailer, but here too, let us dream.

That our protagonists can also have a reputation online?

First person mode from day one?

gta vi prima persona

UA small part of the trailer shows a sequence of a few seconds in first person. It shows the body cam of a policeman who together with his colleagues raids a house. Unless there’s a revolutionary twist in the GTA plot, it seems unlikely that this is one of the protagonists, but this little sequence was enough to pique players’ curiosity.

GTA 5 added a first-person mode in 2014, so, who knows!

Factions confirmed?

gta 6 factions trailer

It seems that two factions appeared in the trailer, complete with watermark-like names: the club Thrillbilly Mud e High Rollerz Lifestyle. The former appears to be a group that is passionate about mud racing, while the latter is a road racing group with high-performance cars. Among these, we also find what appears to be a gang of cyclists and ATV motorcyclists who are passionate about illegal roads in the city.

These may just be categories of illegal racing organizations but we already like them a lot and can’t wait to find out more.

What do you think? Did you notice anything else in the GTA 6 trailer?

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