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ANCMA, the motorcycle market continues to grow +16.9%

Is it the year of motorcycles? The answer comes from the market, ANCMA data confirm a relentless growth +16.9%.

ANCMA motorcycle market - non-stop growth +16.9%, source DepositPhotosANCMA motorcycle market – non-stop growth +16.9%, source DepositPhotos

The munari of July

Apparently, the motorcycle market in Italy knows no setbacks. After a first half of 2023, which closed with +16.8% on 2022. Now, the month of July is also registering another positive increase.

The data released by Confindustria ANCMA (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories) in fact show a +16.9%. In the trend of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds being put on the road compared to the same month last year.

Italians love two wheels

Despite the decline affecting mopeds and the electricity market, the Italians’ desire for two wheels is therefore confirmed. A positive trend also highlighted by the ANCMA president, Paolo Magri.

In fact, in the press release he observes that “the the market as a whole has practically already reached the sales volumes recorded during the first ten months of last year.

This is a very encouraging sign, which confirms the central role of our industry’s products in mobility and in the leisure is that feeds the expectations are EICMA extension.

The most important exhibition event in the sector which will take place in Milan next November. What a unique opportunity in the world to channel all this interest in two wheels and to offer international visibility to our companies”. – Search for tires by size

The registrations of July 2023

Getting to the heart of the data. As anticipated, the month of July marks a double-digit increase (+16.98%), which corresponds to 38,478 vehicles put on the road.

The largest share is that of scooterThat 20,999 vehicles are registered. And they register a growth of 23,15% over the same period in 2022.

They follow motorbikes with 15,084 units, equal to +14.51%. While for the second month in a row mopeds remain in negative territory, dropping by 10.23%, placing 2,395 vehicles on the market.

ANCMA motorcycle market - non-stop growth +16.9%, source DepositPhotosANCMA motorcycle market – non-stop growth +16.9%, source DepositPhotos

An important growth during the first seven months of 2023

The cumulative market performance remains solid, growing by 16.91%. In line with the trend of the month of July.

Once again the scooters stand out, increasing the volumes reached by a quarter period of 2022 (+24.63%) and register 123,470 units. The performance of motorcycles was also very positive, with an increase of 13.33% and 104,557 registered vehicles.

Mopeds, with sun 12,401 units registeredinstead show a decrease of 13.38% compared to the first seven months of 2022.

The electric is slow

The electricity market continues to suffer, closing the month of July with a decline of 35.59% and 1,397 vehicles put on the road. The situation of scooters is particularly critical, with volumes almost halved compared to July 2022 with 735 vehicles sold, equal to a drop of 44.70%. The balance for the first seven months also remains negative, with a performance of -23.25%, equal to 8,640 vehicles sold.

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