Android 12 arriva su Chromecast 4K con Google TV

Android 12 arriva su Chromecast con Google TV thumbnail

After launching on the cheapest HD model earlier this month, Android 12 is now available su Chromecast con Google TV 4K. The update – build number STTE.220621.019.A2.9082754 – reaches 722 MB and “updates the Android TV operating system from 10 to 12“. In addition, it also brings the Chromecast with Google TV (4K) to the level of July 2022 security patch – an upgrade from the previous May 2022 patch -. But these aren’t the only new features of the update. So let’s go find out something more.

Android 12 on Chromecast with Google TV: the news

Android 12 arrives on Chromecast with Google TV 4K, and brings with it interesting news. The big privacy updates, for example, are the camera and microphone controls that “allow you to disable or enable access to the camera / microphone for all Apps“. A particularly useful novelty for those who usually enter a video conference using the largest screen in the house. But more in detail, these are the news announced by Google:

  • Android TV OS update 10 to 12
  • additional user settings that allow you to check the HDR format e l’audio surround
  • frame rate synchronization of a content, which allows you to switch between refresh rates
  • security and privacy increased
  • new camera and microphone controls, as we have already mentioned
  • update of the security patch from May to July 2022
  • bug fixes and performance improvements.

At this point, here’s how to download Android 12 to your Chromecast. Log into your profile and then go to Settings> System> Information> System update.