LGBTQ + youth more often experience hate speech online

I giovani LGBTQ+ sperimentano più spesso l'incitamento all'odio online thumbnail

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According to a new report on how teens use the internet, i giovani LGBTQ+ they are more than twice as likely to experience hate speech online versus heterosexuals. The annual Digital Youth Index study also found that minority groups are more likely to feel that being online has a negative impact on them. And this is as true for LGBTQ + individuals as it is for those with mental health problems, who report above-average distress to their online life. But that is not all. So let’s find out in more detail what is the situation that younger users live on the Net.

LGBTQ +: Young people experience hatred on the Net more often

According to a report put together by Nominet, more than two thirds of young people between the ages of 8 and 25 have seen distressing content online. Especially on social networks, including Reddit, Twitter, TikTok and Tumblr. “It has never been more important for young people to feel connected, included and safe when they are online.” So he comments Paul Fletcher, CEO of Nominet. “Completing this research over the course of several years allows us to compare young people’s digital skills, their use of online services, their mental health and their general well-being over time. Society depends on young people learning to thrive in our increasingly digital world. “

According to the research, ben 3 out of 10 young people they claimed their sleep was negatively affected by the Internet and digital devices. And more than a quarter said they would like to spend less time on their devices. Conversely, a clear majority (53%) say that being online has had a positive impact on relationships with friends. In this sense, the research paints a mixed picture of the state of the internet for children and youth. And it suggests that the image of Generation Z as carefree “Internet natives” obscures a more complex reality. On the other hand, the research comes at a time when the UK is considering the possibility of reintroducingOnline Safety Billa piece of legislation that will give Ofcom a series of new powers as a regulator of online content.

Still, the research findings are obvious. LGBTQ + youth experience more hate speech. And digital devices are not good for the health of the little ones. It is undeniable.