Android 12 Beta 1: available for download

The beta 1 of Android 12 is finally available for download, with all its new features. Let’s see the new features together

The new version of Android 12 has been finally released in beta 1, with the option of to install e try new features with your hand. Today we will illustrate the innovations introduced and the peculiarities operating system.

Android 12 Beta 1: available for download

The new lock screen

Android 12 Beta 1: Material You

The first novelty that catches the eye is it style of the user interface, based on the “Material You“ style, by going to redesign every appearance from a graphic point of view. There unlock screen, the notification curtain, application settings and much more. They have been introduced new animations, from the lock screen when you enter the code to the notification curtain with the activation of the Quick Toggle, creating apleasant experience at the sight.

Android 12 Beta 1: available for download

The new notification curtain

Android 12 Beta 1: available for download

The new code entry

Privacy and Security

The most important news concerns the privacy and the safety, simplifying the management gods permissions and provide or revoke the functions used, as a microphone and camera. This is possible thanks to technology Private Compute Core, allowing you to keep all information private, such as audio recordings or quick replies to messages. The interface that allows you to manage everything is the Privacy Dashboard, which allows you to have a overview permission settings. In addition, they have been added two indicators in the status bar, which allow you to know instantly when an app is by logging in al microphone o alla camera. Finally, they are present due toggle, in the notification curtain, which allows you to block access a camera e microphone, so that your information remains private.

Android 12 Beta 1: available for download

The ability to choose GPS accuracy

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