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Android 12 Beta 5: Google ready to release the new update

Google finally releases Android 12 Beta 5, an update that doesn’t add many features, but that undoubtedly refines the changes made in recent months. Not surprisingly, the operating system has achieved stability with Beta 4. And Beta 5 proves that it is indeed ready for release. The technological giant, therefore, has reached the final stage of the works. And developers can now test and review their apps to make sure they’re ready for the new version of Android.

Android 12 Beta 5: Google is ready for release

These days Google has stated that the final version of Android 12 will be released in a few weeks. And that means maybe we could see the new operating system between mid and late September, although a precise date has not yet been revealed. What we do know, however, is that Pixel 5a users can have the Beta version of the operating system. Having been launched recently, the smartphone was not really enrolled in the program, but has recently been reinstated.

In any case, as we have anticipated, this update does not bring any particular news to the operating system, but merely adds bug fixes and system stability improvements. In the next few hours, therefore, the Android 12 update will be made available for all supported Pixel smartphones, from Pixel 3 up to 5a. If you want, then, you can start downloading the Beta 5. You must remember, however, that it is only the prelude to what will be the definitive version of Google’s operating system.

And this could already give us an idea, albeit vague, on what the new Android 12 will really be like, which we have been waiting for for a while now. Of course, if you want you can start downloading the version to get an idea of ​​what awaits you in the future, but for the final version you have to wait a little longer.

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