Samsung launches seven channels

Samsung TV Plus launches seven new free channels in Italy to be visited on Samsung Smart TV, smartphone or tablet, in streaming and on demand

Samsung Electronics announces that Samsung TV Plus, one of the main apps on Smart TV, expands its offer with 7 new free channels in Italy, which will be added to the existing ones for a total of 54 free channels to visit without requesting payment , subscription or subscription, able to meet every entertainment need and give endless fun at any time of the day.

Cristina Sala, Senior Business Development Manager Italy TV Plus, ESBO comments on the choice:

Samsung TV Plus was born from the desire to meet all the needs and tastes of those who own a Smart TV, a tablet or a Samsung smartphone, so that in any place and at any time of the day when you feel you want to disconnect or nourish a passion, there is a wide offer that allows you to find everything you need

In addition, he adds:

Precisely for this reason, after having launched the service in July on mobile and having already carried out a first tranche of expansion of the offer for all our Italian users, our goal will be to constantly continue adding new free channels. . The seven newly added channels will cover music, sports, TV series, cinema, entertainment and art, bringing the offer to 54 free channels with high quality content. And it’s not over yet

Samsung launches seven channels

So here are the seven new channels available.

VEVO ‘90s & ‘00s

VEVO is the world’s leading music video network, which for over a decade has been connecting a growing global audience with high-quality music video content. VEVO ’90s &’ 00s is the TV channel to enjoy the most iconic music videos of the 90s and 2000s from Italy and the world. Programmed by the expert curators of VEVO, the channel is made up of all the artists who have left their mark in these two unforgettable decades.

Sportitalia HD

Thematic television channel dedicated to sport and available in Italy at a national level, with a predominance of football, thanks to a programming of national and world events, as well as a wide range of productions on indiscretions, previews and latest news related to all the series of the Football Federation. The schedule offers live shows, interviews, specials, links with major sporting events, information programs and competitions (live or pre-recorded) on the most popular sports. The channel is headed by Michele Crisciello, a very popular television journalist, one of the main presenters of national networks, famous for his indiscretions and the attitude that captures the attention of the most attentive and demanding public.


It is the first channel of hip-hop, R&B and rhythm music Top 40. It showcases the best videos of these three musical genres, as well as interviews, shows and documentaries related to urban artists and culture.

TRACE Latina

Latin music is slowly conquering the music world and American pop stars have played an important role by collaborating with Latin artists and introducing Latin influences into their music in recent times. This channel is a unique combination of music videos and live performances by Latin American artists.

MyZen TV Free

MyZen TV offers general entertainment shows, from practical lifestyle advice to inspiring documentaries, trending magazines and true stories. It features a wide range of programming alternatives, including wellness, light sports, health, beauty, cooking, home, garden, ecology, travel, and life changes. The holistic nature and beautiful views are always the backdrop to MyZen TV content, in order to keep the audience engaged.

Samsung launches seven channels

Museum TV Free

First free television channel entirely dedicated to the visual arts, which satisfies both amateurs and art lovers. It was designed around a simple proposal: entertainment, stories and information for all those who have never been to an exhibition, covering Fine Arts (classic, modern, contemporary), but also Street-Art, Comics, Digital Art, Photography , Video Art, Architecture, Design, Factual Entertainment.

WP (Minerva Pictures)

Founded in 1953, Minerva Pictures is an iconic Italian independent film production and distribution company based in Rome, which has acquired and consolidated a library of over 2000 titles, including films, TV series and documentaries, developing one of the strongest digital skills in Europe in the film sector.

Samsung TV Plus is pre-installed on all Samsung Smart TVs manufactured after 2016 and no registration or credit card is required to access these free TV channels.

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