Android 12: The app that can open the car is coming

Con Android 12 lo smartphone potrà aprire e chiudere l'auto thumbnail

Along with Android 12 will also arrive the version of the Digital Car Key app. This will transform your smartphone into your car keys, allowing you to lock and unlock the vehicle directly from the device.

Digital Car Key will come along with Android 12

Less than a week to go until the launch of Android 12, scheduled for October 19. And among the various news and apps connected to the update there is also Digital Car Key. It is an application developed by Google, and actually already presented, but that combined with the new operating system would be revolutionary.

In fact the app would be able to replace the keys of your car, allowing the user to open and close the vehicle. According to ANSA, not all smartphones will, at least initially, be compatible with the functionality. Likewise, not all cars will be able to support the system, given that they are smart technologies for locking and unlocking doors. Also according to ANSA, Digital Car Key should be available immediately for Samsung users and for new smartphones Pixel (which will also be presented on October 19th).

The app provides a real one duplication of car keys: the user must then register on the appropriate platform. As confirmed by Google, the system will use NFC and UWB technologies to communicate with the vehicle. Therefore, in order to function, the car must support such systems, which are very common on recent models, but much less in older cars.

In this sense, Google is also collaborating with numerous car manufacturers. The idea is to share a single standard to make vehicles more automated and smart. A news that confirms the interest of the tech giants in the automotive industry, after the agreement between Apple and BMW. Cupertino, in fact, already has a similar service for iPhone and Apple Watch, which only works with certain BMW models.