Avowed: new details on the combat system

The developers share new details on Avowed and the combat system. Let’s find out more in this news

Fans of fantasy RPGs have recently been able to celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of the cornerstones of this genre, namely that Skyrim to which Bethesda has promised to give a worthy follow-up. While we wait to find out what form the long-awaited The Elder Scrolls VI will take, another upcoming title could definitely succeed in quenching fans’ thirst for epic adventures. In fact, it seems that the veil of mystery surrounding Avowed is slowly dissipating and recently Obsidian Entertainment has revealed more details on the title and its combat system.

Details about Avowed’s combat system finally arrive

Set in the world of Pillars of Eternity, Avowed will be a first-person fantasy adventure that, according to the latest details released by Obsidian, will have a combat system that will allow our alter ego to use both hands to wield different weapons. Similarly to what happened in Skyrim, it therefore seems that players will be able to freely combine various weapons and spells to deal with various situations according to their style of play.

The developers have also confirmed the presence of different classes, which will also affect the damage dealt with certain weapons. The latter will ultimately have repercussions on environmental destructibility, thus contributing to a degree of realism that promises to be decidedly interesting. According to the developers, Avowed is still in the pre-production phase and it is therefore impossible to have detailed information on what the finished product will be, however the conditions for a great title seem to be all there.

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