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Android 15: the code name will be a well-known dessert

Google has unveiled the codename of theandroid update 15 which will be launched in 2024. It’s about “vanilla ice cream”, one of the favorite flavors of ice cream lovers.

Vanilla ice cream, the codename for Android 15

It’s not the first time that Google has codenamed sweets for the various versions of Android. The chosen order was that alphabetical, mainly followed by the company’s internal developers. Instead, users appeal to one version rather than another using numbers.

And it is thanks to the tipster Mishaal Rahman, who has been active in the Android scene for some time and is very attentive to the changes to the Developer Preview code, so we know what the name of Android 15 will be, which is associated with the letter V.

Therefore, the code name is Vanilla Ice Cream, or vanilla ice cream, one of the most loved flavors by people. As for previous Android versions, we recall that they have been: Android 13 (T) was dedicated to Tiramisu, while Android 14 (U) is dedicated to Upside Down Cake.

As already stated above, these codenames are used in offices and corporate communications. From Android 10 (Q) the marketing practice was in fact abandoned due to the difficulty in managing the advertising of a dessert that began with the Q and that was known all over the world. The same company later revealed that it could have been called “Queen Cake” or “Quince Tart,” but never got an official pass.

Android 14: the features of this year’s release

The first interesting detail to know about Android 14 it’s not about the upcoming features but the name of the new operating system. Before Android 10, Google gave sweet names to its OS versions. For example Android 6.0 was MarshmallowAndroid 8 invece Oreo and Android 9 more simply Pie. The initial letter followed the alphabetical order, to give an idea of ​​the progress of the system. Today, however, Google limits itself to maintaining the version number: this is only Android 14. However, Google internally calls Android 14 Upside Down Cake.

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