3 gifts in 1 for Father’s Day: with a MEATER Plus, a bottle opener and gloves as a gift

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For all dads who are passionate about cooking and technology, there is no better gift than a MEATER Plus.

The intelligent thermometer that helps to achieve perfect cooking of meat and fish monitoring its temperature, for Father’s Day, until March 20, 2023.

Lots of news by purchasing a MEATER Plus

By purchasing a MEATER Plus you can also get for free:

  • MEATER Mitts: Oven and grill gloves with high heat resistance (up to 275°). Italian dads don’t compromise between comfort and safety.
  • MEATER Bar Blade/Bottle Opener: The bottle opener that can also be used to hang MEATER Plus, with a minimal and impactful design. For the coolest man in the house.

3 gifts in 1 for Father's Day: with a MEATER Plus, a bottle opener and gloves as a gift

An intuitive app to communicate with the MEATER Plus meat thermometer

Once the gift has been opened and the device has been left in charge for a sufficient time, in a few minutes, the lucky dad will be able to configure his own MEATER Plus through the MEATER app, setting the desired cooking and then leaving MEATER responsible for monitoring the dish. The app will send a notification when the meat is ready. In this way, the whole family can enjoy time together without worries!

MEATER Plus can be used in a variety of cooking methodsfrom the barbecue to the smoker, from the rotisserie to the classic oven, and with a vast selection of meats and cuts, even for cooking fish.
After use, the MEATER Plus probe can be washed in the dishwasher, ready to be as good as new the next time you use it.

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