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Android 15: the first Developer Preview is ready for download

Android 15 “Vanilla Ice Cream”, development begins with the first Developer Preview of the new version of the green robot

Google releases the first Developer Preview Of Android 15code name “Vanilla Ice Cream“, starting the path that will lead to the stable version in autumn. As per tradition, the first devices to receive the update will be i Pixelwith well-defined timelines for the various development phases.

Android 15: the first Developer Preview is ready for download

Android 15: security, performance and camera

The new release focuses on three macro-areas:

  • Safety: the latest version of the Privacy Sandbox replaces third-party cookies, and new FileIntegrityManager APIs protect files with cryptographic signatures.
  • Performance: improvements to dynamic performance features with a new power efficiency mode and more precise reporting of GPU and CPU workload duration.
  • Camera: More powerful in-app controls for third-party apps, such as Instagram, which will be able to take full advantage of the devices’ advanced features.

News for developers and end users

In addition to these key areas, Android 15 introduces several other new features:

  • Partial screen sharing: introduced with Android 14 QPR2, it allows you to share only a portion of the screen during a video call.
  • Health Connect: a platform for collecting and synchronizing fitness, nutrition and health data.
  • New APIs for apps and games: to tune performance more in sync with the thermal and power properties of the hardware.
  • UMP support for virtual MIDI apps: allows music editors to control synthesizer apps like a virtual MIDI 2.0 device.

Android 15: the first Developer Preview is ready for download

How to try Android 15

The Developer Preview is available for the Pixel 6, 6a, 6 Pro, 7, 7 Pro and 8/8 Pro. However, it is not recommended for daily useas it is designed for developers who want to test new APIs and prepare their apps.

In the coming weeks there will certainly be further details on the new features introduced, with possible surprises such as the return of widgets on the home screen or new management of native apps.


With the release of the first Developer Preview of Android 15, Google begins the process improvement of its operating system. The new features introduced promise to improve the user experience in various aspects, from security to performance, up to camera management. The final release is scheduled for autumnbut developers can start testing the new features right now.

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