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Jedee’s: one of the best choices among portable outdoor LED projectors

If you want to bring with you the possibility of projecting your favorite moments, films or video games, this article is for you: let’s discover Jedee’s portable outdoor LED projector

If you are a big movie buff or like to share your passions, such as gaming, with large groups of friends, perhaps you should consider purchasing a portable projector that can allow you to do it outside too. However, you will have to take into consideration various factors, such as the native resolution of the projector itself, the lumens, and the technology behind it (whether LED, LCD or Laser). Don’t worry, you won’t be disorientated: follow us in this short dedicated article.


And before explaining how to make a wise choice, we want to talk to you about Jedee’s, a leading company in the production of indoor or outdoor projectors and video projectors. On Jedee you will have various types of projectors available, including portable ones, but also many accessories such as bags, Bluetooth speakers, charging stations and even a tripod with built-in battery charger. All with customer support practically always present during working hours (even on WhatsApp!), the availability of products also on Amazon and 14 day trial before you can possibly send your purchase back if you are not satisfied. Drop by, you might really find what’s right for you.

How to choose a portable outdoor projector: the fundamental factors

The best option for projecting your favorite movies, games or moments is definitely a portable projector. When choosing, however, you will have to take three fundamental factors into consideration:

  • Brightness
  • Resolution
  • Contrast

The brightness of a projector, expressed in lumens, indicates the quantity of light that the machine itself is capable of producing and greatly influences the sharpness and quality of the image that you will then see on your wall. In short, the higher the number of lumens, the better the actual output will be. Obviously everything depends on the environment in which your material will be projected: in a dark room a brightness of 1000 lumens may be enough, while in brighter rooms you will have to go up to 3000 lumens if you want at least HD or Full HD quality.

Even the choice of resolution it is essential and will depend on the use you will make of the projector. Generally speaking, for good visual performance you should always aim for options such as HD, Full HD and Ultra HD, ideal for large format images. Always try to project large images and always remember that enlarging them with post-production processes can lead to a marked loss of overall quality.

Finally, what is the contrast of a video projector? It is a characteristic that refers to the difference in brightness between the darkest and lightest parts of any image. A good contrast goes hand in hand with brightness and resolution for the visual rendering of the projected image, guaranteeing fidelity in color reproduction and greater distinction in details. You will understand how essential it is for a portable outdoor projector to have good color contrast, especially if used in brightly lit environments.

Finally, one last consideration. For outdoor projectors we recommend purchasing long-range machines, which allow you to project clear images even at great distances. They are in fact ideal for conference rooms and home theaters: exactly what you are looking for.

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