Android Auto 11.3: AI-based features arrive

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Android Auto 11.3, the first features based on artificial intelligence arrive with the new official update

Google continues to refine its assisted driving platform, Android Autowith the release of the stable version 11.3. The update, available for a few days in beta version, introduces the first features based on artificial intelligence announced last month.

Android Auto 11.3: AI-based features arrive

Android Auto 11.3: new functions for safer and more comfortable driving

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Android Auto 11.3 is now capable of:

  • Summarize the messages received: Google Assistant will read incoming messages and provide a brief summary, allowing the driver to stay focused on the road.
  • Provide more targeted suggestions: Based on your driving habits and recent activities, the assistant will suggest more relevant destinations, contacts and music.

These new features add to the already numerous offers from Android Auto, including:

  • Voice control of music, phone and messages: thanks to Google Assistant, you can manage the main functions of your phone without having to take your hands off the wheel.
  • Road navigation: Google Maps provides real-time driving directions, with traffic and speed camera information.
  • Access to music, podcasts and audiobooks: You can listen to your favorite media content from Spotify, Google Play Music and other compatible apps.

An increasingly complete driving experience

With the release of Android Auto 11.3, Google confirms its commitment to developing an increasingly complete and safe platform for assisted driving. The new AI-based features represent a important step forward towards a more personalized and intuitive driving experience.

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