Juventus-Udinese: where to watch the match?

Juventus-Udinese: dove vedere la partita?

The postponement will see Juventus-Udinese compete: but where to watch the match? Let’s find out in this article

I TV rights they are a constant in football, now shaped by sponsors, revenues and innovation. Serie A finds itself – for example – divided and managed between Sky and DAZN, even though it is the latter that boasts full exclusivity. This clearly represents an advantage for the companies of the various clubs, a little less for users and fans. In fact, they find themselves forced to sift through various sites to find out every useful detail. This is why the article aims to provide answers in this sense: where to watch Juventus-Udinese and who should take the field from the first minute.

The day 24 It therefore ends with the postponement on Monday, showcasing two diametrically opposed teams, both in terms of ranking and identity. On one side Allegri and on the other Cioffi, football philosophies against each other.

Juventus-Udinese: where to watch the match?

Where to watch Juventus-Udinese: will it be possible to watch the match on Sky? The answer is yes!

Second in the standings with 53 points, the Juventus must get back up after the (narrow) defeat in the Derby d’Italia, which projected Inter to the top with a more evident gap. The Old Lady is thus forced to win, despite important absences. The mentality, in the last few outings, was the right one, a reason that will push Allegri’s boys to close the accounts immediately. In seventeenth place with 19 points, he appears Udinese by Cioffi. In a crisis of points and identity, the Friulian team (like never before this year) is far from the usual gray area and risks making the season more complicated for itself. Few goals scored and many questions. Let’s find out like this where to watch Juventus-Udinesebe your Sky or your DAZN.

The second company mentioned was founded in London a few years ago but, despite this, it immediately carved out a space of great importance within the football world. In fact, currently only DAZN offers the entire Serie A calendar. The service is enriched with Serie B matches and PFC and UFC matches. The monthly subscription then guarantees two options: the standard package at the cost of 30,99 € and the plus a package 45,99 €, which gives you the opportunity to use the application from two devices at the same time. You will simply need to click on direct link which recalls the official website.

Moving on to Sky, the range of offers is totally different. The service guarantees the viewing of three Serie A matches for each day, guaranteeing other solutions, namely women’s football matches and clashes between foreign clubs. Added to these are the European-level events, namely the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. A program that is enhanced with the addition of other sports, namely Tennis, NBA, MOTOGP and Formula 1. The subscription costs €14.99 per month, by clicking on link which links to NOWTV.

Having put the platform issue to rest, here we are at the long-awaited answer: Juventus-Udinese will also be broadcast on Sky. We take to the pitch on Monday 12 February at 8.45pm, playing field at the Allianz Stadium in Turin. Please remember how important it is to have a VPN when surfing the net.

With just over a day to go until the start of the race, all you have to do is sit on the sofa and turn on the television. Alternatively, you can download the app and enjoy the service from any device.

Juventus-Udinese, probable lineups

Different motivations but the same need: to score points.

Below are the probable formations:

JUVENTUS (3-5-2): Szczesny; Gatti, Bremer, Alex Sandro; Cambiaso, McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic; Owned, Yildiz.

UDINESE (3-5-2): Okoye; Perez, Giannetti, Kristensen; Ebosele, Samardzic, Walace, Lovric, Kamara; Thauvin, Lucca.

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