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Android, smartphone traceable even if turned off

Android phones will be locatable even from turned off thumbnails

An interesting news could be coming soon for users of smartphone Pixel and maybe also for the other android phones: the possibility of rtrack your smartphone even if it is turned off. This is what the portal 91Mobiles reports, which it found in the code of Android 14 a feature called ‘Pixel Power-off Finder‘. To make it work, however, you would have to leave the Bluetooth acceso even when the phone turns off.

Android, smartphone traceable even if turned off

The new feature is similar to what Apple offers with its iPhones, very useful in case of theft or loss of the device. The function would be based on one tracking network that would use the 3 billion Android devices present in the world to locate the lost phone, communicating in anonymously and securely its positionand to the rightful owner. They could also deactivate the function at any time.

It is not yet known when and how Google will launch Pixel Power-off Finder. But perhaps we will know more at the Google I/Othe event dedicated to developers to be held on next May 10th. Furthermore, from the name, it seems that the possibility may initially only be available for Pixel smartphones.

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It will also be interesting to find out how Google will manage the privacy of this feature, which may raise some concerns among users. Apple has also had several problems regarding the possibility of using location for illegal purposes. And the more article Android ecosystem could exacerbate the problem. For this it might make sense to attend to a launch only on Pixels, which Google also controls at the hardware level.

At the moment, however, these are only rumors. The feature may only be in testing and may not arrive in future operating system updates. We will keep you posted.

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