ATM, contactless payment on the whole network – even trams and buses

ATM, il pagamento contactless su tutta la rete - anche tram e bus thumbnail

All over the net ATM it becomes possible to use the contactless credit card to pay for the ticket: even on trams and buses, just use cards, smartphones or smartwatches. From Thursday April 13th this system is available on all surface vehicles in Milan: bus, tram and trolleybuss. Just bring the card or device close to the reader as soon as you get on and wait for the confirmation signal.

ATM, contactless payment also on trams, buses and trolleybuses

ATM has completed the installation of 1,500 contactless devices on all vehicles on the road, having already done so on the five subway lines for four years. An important project that required an investment of 12 million euros and which the Company has accomplished despite industry challenges and rising energy costs.

Contactless payment is very practical and appreciated by travellers. In the subway they were sold over 47 million tickets with this system since 2018. While on the surface 320,000 transactions were recorded on the three lines where the test started (50, 70 and 73).

An updated version of the ATM Milano App will also be available in May, offering a better browsing experience, purchase of tickets and season tickets and management of favorite stops. But that’s not all: one will be launched at the beginning of 2024 new App completely renewed, which will allow you to load the subscription directly on your smartphone.

How does it work

To use the contactless without commissions at the cost of a single ride €2.20 on all bus, tram and trolleybus lines operating in the Mi1-Mi3 area, just bring cards or devices close to the reader when going up, not when going down. On the lines that continue beyond the Mi3 area (leaving from Milan) you have to check out by going down: they are lines 121, 130, 140, 165, 166, 327.

More information on the ATM website.