Animal Crossing, an accessory for Nintendo Switch on sale

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A fan of the Animal Crossing game creates an accessory for Nintendo Switch and celebrates two years since the launch of the New Horizon chapter on the Nintendo hybrid console. Let’s find out what it is!

Animal Crossing and Nook’s Workshop as an accessory for Nintendo Switch

Two years after launch e New HorizonsNintendo exclusive of the famous franchise Animal Crossing, continues to be talked about thanks to the immense love shown by fans around the world. The new setting and graphic reinterpretation, the presence of iconic buildings and historical characters inspire many artists and content creators. A typical example in this sense is the example of a fan who reproduced live in a building recognizable from the game with the possibility of using it as a support base for the console. Nintendo Switch.

The accessory was built U/Mr_Pioupiou who claims to have worked nearly 500 hours over the years to get to the end. After several models and color tests, he is now happy to share his work with other enthusiasts. This real version of the Nook’s workshop represents a faithful reproduction of the building seen in the game. Attention to detail is at the highest level. The creator included the small horizontal window on the roof, the wooden post with directions, the shipping box and even recreated all the objects that can be seen in the two front windows.

Nook Animal Crossing Shop Switch AccessoriesPhoto by U/Mr_Pioupiou

Animal Crossing: New Horizons in breve

Since its debut on the console Nintendo 64 in the far 2001, Animal Crossing has been able to carve a special place in the hearts of Nintendo fans. The social life simulation game, which features animal characters with human connotations and character traits, has been updated with the latest release of the 2020 his Nintendo Switch. Now the inhabitants have the opportunity to go and live on a desert island and start a new adventure. One of the largest Announcements of this new chapter is undoubtedly the possibility of build and modify the appearance of the island on which the player lives. From the shape of the houses to the creation of relief forms and ponds, the only limit is the imagination.

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