WhatsApp tests file sharing up to 2GB

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In recent weeks theWhatsApp app is working on the release of many new features. Among these, a beta test for reactions to messages and some options that will allow users to have more control over the recording of audio notes. Apparently, however, to these could be added a new option currently under test, namely the possibility of send multimedia files up to 2GB. Let’s go find out something more.

WhatsApp: App tests the sending of multimedia files up to 2 GB

Just a few days ago WABetaInfo reported that the WhatsApp App is testing the possibility of sending multimedia files up to 2 GB, available only for a select group of South American users. Apparently, the feature is compatible with WhatsApp beta for iOS and for versions Android, e Sure, this is just a test, but if the feature were to become available on a large scale it would represent a major improvement over thecurrent limit of 100 MB.

Credits: WABetaInfo

Beyond this, it is quite clear that the eventual update of the WhatsApp App in terms of file sharing could also convince other messaging platforms, and not, to work on the size of the media to be shared. Gmail, for example, limits files to 25MB and Twitter allows users to share files up to 1GB at least. WhatsApp stops at 100MB, which is quite an understatement for large photos and videos created with high-end smartphones. This means that if the limit stays that low, users would have to continue to find workarounds for sending files, such as compressing or cropping the photos themselves.

Therefore, allowing the sharing of large files would allow the WhatsApp App not only to retain its users, but also to conquer others. At this point, there is no doubt that the platform may decide to release it as soon as the beta test is over. And we are just waiting for this fateful moment to arrive.

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