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Animal Crossing New Horizons: new update and DLC

Along with the free Animal Crossing New Horizons update, Happy Home Paradise also arrives, the new paid DLC.

The free Animal Crossing New Horizons update and a paid DLC is here

Comes a huge update to the world of Animal Crossing New Horizons, which is disrupting the entire gaming island. The update, in fact, will upset the entire experience, bringing new content to the shores of the game world. Everything is scheduled for November 5, at no extra cost to players.

But that’s not all: a paid DLC will also be released on the same day. This, referred to as Happy Home Paradise, will give players the opportunity to bring out their creative spirit. It will be possible to take advantage of the DLC in two ways: by purchasing it individually or by subscribing to Nintendo’s premium service monthly. In the case of the first option, the cost will be 24,99€.

All the news of the free update

As anticipated, the update will lead to a real upheaval of the game world, with numerous new features. Inside the museum, for example, we can visit the Bartolo’s coffee shop, an excellent location to chill with other inhabitants of the island. If, on the other hand, you have a peasant spirit, we are happy to announce that Animal Crossing New Horizon is about to arrive crops! Specifically, players will be able to growing, cooking and enjoying fruit and vegetables. A feature that Nintendo had already introduced with the Halloween pumpkins, but which will now become a stable feature in the game.

For lovers of the pier area: get ready to board the Remo’s boat! This, sailing the seas of the world, will take you to new and more suggestive places that you cannot reach with Dodo Airlines. Each island has its own vegetation and climate, so bring suitable clothing with you. And that’s not all: in addition to the flora, the fauna will also be different. We emphasize this for those who love to collect fish and insects in the game.

The islands already present in the game will also be studded with new features. We will have for example theupdate of the island of Fiorilio. Here you can in fact go shopping crazy, as a sort of shopping center with an adjoining gallery is in the works.

In the end the maximum item limit will also be increased, which will rise up to 5.000. You can finally place the wallpaper on a single wall, and build ladders to be fixed on the various slopes of the island. This way you can use them without having to mount your own every time. If we think that’s enough for just one update, then be prepared for more surprises.

The Animal Crossing New Horizon update will also come with a new list of Collectible giroids. They can be found by digging, and are characterized by the peculiar sound of different musical instruments. Once collected, these can be placed in the house to enjoy a new background music.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC

The new DLC responds to the strong demand from Animal Crossing’s fans customize interiors and exteriors. One of the methods used to this end, not really orthodox, is the creation of a second character. This, by creating a new home, uses it as a restaurant or hotel. Certainly not a method appreciated by the creators of the game, who have thus responded with the new DLC. Happy Home Paradise in fact, it allows you to identify with interior and exterior designers to create new spaces.

Those who purchase the DLC will then be able to furnish the customers’ homes according to their tastes. And it is not just a matter of deciding the arrangement of the furniture, but rather of customize the entire structure of the house. And this possibility is not relegated only to the archipelagos where our customers live: far from it! Players will be able to change the settings also on the main island. And you, crosser friends, are you ready to free the interior designer you have inside?

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