Anime Breakfast: Attack on Titan and the rebirth of the animated epic

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In this new episode of Anime Breakfast we want to discuss with you why you absolutely cannot miss the Attack on Titan series: it’s not a choice, but a real invitation

Last Sunday we retraced with you, through the weekly episode of Anime Breakfast, what it means to be a true superhero in My Hero Academia. For this time, however, we want to completely change the mood and move towards an animated series that recently saw its conclusion. He has caused so much talk about himself that it is difficult to have never heard of him, but here we want to see with you the main reasons why to recover Attack on Titan: Let the attack begin.

Bird In Cage | Attack on Titan Anime

Attack on Titan. Shigeki no Kyojin. The attack of the Giants. However you want to localize it, we are obviously referring to the universe created by Hajime Isayama starting from that distant 2009 in which the first chapter of the manga arrived for the first time in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The subsequent animated series was broadcast for the first time in Japan in 2013 and was initially created by the Wit studio, later by the MAPPA studio which made him famous for the quality of the animations.

Attack on Titan is set in a world devastated by the Titans, gigantic anthropophagous creatures (which therefore feed on human beings). The main protagonists are Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, three young people who grew up in the city surrounded by enormous walls to protect themselves from the Titans. However, the sense of security given by the imposing constructions that limit and save the lives of many is completely destroyed when a Colossal Titan breaks the wall, allowing the Titans to enter and begin to sow chaos.

Eren loses his mother following the attack, precisely at the hands of a Titan, and for this reason he develops a fervent determination to eliminate the creatures. He then joins the Reconnaissance Team, together with his two friends Mikasa and Armin, to defeat the Titans and, ultimately, discover the secret behind their existence. We don’t want to reveal anything else to you, because the plot of Attack on Titan develops through a long series of twists, shocking revelations, betrayals and internal conflicts.

Anime Breakfast: Attack on Titan and the rebirth of the animated epic

The Reluctant Heroes | Attack on Titan Anime

And this is precisely one of the reasons why recovering Attack on Titan, especially now that the animated series by MAPPA has concluded, is practically essential. The narrative complexity and its intricate, multi-layered plot make what initially seems like a simple story of survival against potentially insurmountable creatures, a tangle of mysteries, conspiracies and revelations that will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish. And there aren’t just fights in Attack on Titan: rather complex themes are also addressed, such as freedom, responsibility and the concept of human nature.

Alongside a compelling and constantly evolving narrative we find excellently developed characters. Whether it’s the protagonists or the supporting characters, every individual is part of the world of Attack on Titan it is constantly evolving and faces emotional and physical challenges that shape its identity, leading to increasingly shocking implications. This depth of character allows the viewer to create emotional and tangible bonds with the heroes and antagonists of Isayama’s work, making everything even more satisfying.

Anime Breakfast: Attack on Titan and the rebirth of the animated epic

Call Your Name | Attack on Titan Anime

Satisfaction also deriving from the very structure of the narrative of the work. Each episode is an essential piece to understanding the mosaic of history, and adds details, information and details previously absent. This means that the viewer’s attention must always be maximum and you can expect, from each episode, that sense of anticipation and excitement that you get knowing full well that you are watching something non-filler. Of course, the major and most important events are precisely dosed, bringing the tension to extreme levels, but there will never be a “useless” episode in the entire series.

As already mentioned, the MAPPA studio managed to create a true visual masterpiece with Attack on Titan. The action sequences are choreographed with thrilling artistry, making every encounter with the Titans an intense and viscerally engaging experience. The creative use of 3D animation to recreate the giants adds an element of stunning realism. Furthermore, the epic soundtrack amplifies the emotions, creating a unique atmosphere that blends perfectly with what is shown on the screen.

Attack on Titan succeeded overcome any geographical and cultural border and has become a truly global phenomenon. His influence has managed to extend far beyond the confines of animation, permeating popular culture and becoming a stimulus for discussion around the world. And it has also managed to generate, over time, a global community of great enthusiasts with whom it is truly possible to share a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Anime Breakfast: Attack on Titan and the rebirth of the animated epic


This is why, to close this episode of Anime Breakfast, recovering Attack on Titan is not simply a choice, but rather an invitation. An invitation to immerse yourself in an epic and profound journey through one of the most relevant and engaging works of contemporary Japanese animation. An invitation to live an experience that goes beyond any initial expectations, giving a narrative experience that it will remain engraved in the memory of those who enjoy it as a timeless masterpiece.

And what do you think of Attack on Titan? Let us know below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the world of cinema and TV series!

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