Onyx BOOX Note Air3C review: simply extraordinary.

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Complete review of the new tablet with e-Ink technology, the Onyx BOOX Note Air3C, a versatile and feature-rich device, this time in color!

Welcome back to TechGameWorld.com for the full review of nuovo Onyx BOOX Note Air3C, the latest arrival in devices with e-Ink technology. A product, we anticipate, balanced and full of features (both hardware and software) capable of satisfying almost all users, thanks also to the color panel.

Data sheet

  • Display: 10.3″ Kaleido 3 (4096 colors) Carta1200
  • Resolution: B/W 2480 x 1860 (300 ppi) – Color 1240 x 930 (150 ppi)
  • CPU: Qualcomm 2.4Ghz Octa-core + BSR GPU
  • ROM: 64GB UFS2.1
  • Connectivity: WiFi (2.4GHz + 5GHz), BT 5.0
  • Drums: 3700mAh
  • Dimensions: 226x193x5.8mm
  • Weight: 430g
  • OS: Android 12

Onyx BOOX Note Air3C review: simply extraordinary.

Packaging and build quality | Onyx BOOX Note Air3C review

The tablet arrives in one complete package under every aspect. In addition to the device, in fact, we find: the power supply, the USB-C data cable, the compatible pen and, of course, the user manuals. From an aesthetic point of view, the device has a minimal and elegant design, thanks also to the left side frame, which is more protruding to ensure greater ergonomics when writing. With alone 5.8mm thickthis Onyx BOOX is convenient for use outside the home and never too bulky to carry around.

On the right side of the tablet we find it slot magnetico for the pen, which attaches easily and always remains secure. Posteriorly, however, we do not have no elements (not even a camera) to interrupt the aesthetic cleanliness. Finally, on the upper and lower edges there are holes for the due speaker stereo, which we will examine in detail later. The company then kindly sent us the Multifunctional magnetic cover, with which it is possible to position the tablet more easily on surfaces and where the device can be housed together with the stylus. However, we found it not very intuitive and not too firm a connection.

Hardware e display | Review Onyx BOOX Note Air3C

The tablet is pushed by a SoC Qualcomm An unspecified 2.4Ghz octa-core, which we therefore do not consider to be a monster of power, but which is still up to the task assigned to it. In fact, everything runs impeccably, without any jams or freezes of any kind. The CPU is then added well 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4X type and 64 GB of UFS 2.1 internal memory, not a huge amount but sufficient for storing books, notes, files or apps (especially considering the type of product).

Here we are now at the main dish, the displaya large 10.3-inch e-Ink panel with variable resolution (depending on the mode set) and color support, as also indicated by the name of the device itself. For those who don’t know, the advantages of e-Ink technology compared to the more traditional LCD and OLED lie above all in theenergy efficiency, given that they do not require backlighting, and in physical resistance to impacts or scratches. Furthermore e-Ink technology is also available very comfortable for the eyesIn fact, e-Ink screens do not emit blue light, which can be harmful to your eyesight. At the same time, e-Ink panels offer a slower update speed (gaming is therefore not recommended) and less bright colours, or even just black and white.

Colors and pen

Returning to the Onyx BOOX Note Air3C, we find here the 4096 color support, with exceptional performance and which open up countless extra uses, such as watching videos or the possibility of drawing and coloring. The latter are made possible thanks to the supplied pen, which is well built and ergonomic. Furthermore, thanks to the special treatment on the display, you it will feel like writing or drawing on paper (a plus not to be underestimated).

Small mention of the precision of the line, not always exceptional, especially if you use the pen in a perpendicular position to the display. However, the device compensates with the audio sector, which is of a good level thanks to the two powerful stereo speakers.

Software and autonomy | Onyx BOOX Note Air3C review

Onyx’s software, based on Android (here in version 12), is always stable and well maintained, net of some translations that are not always perfect. There is no shortage of features, thanks above all to the ability to install apps via the Google Play Store, or simply with apk recovered from the web. There aren’t many pre-installed apps, but they are all well made, starting from theapp Note, with which you can take notes or draw with the supplied pen. We then have the app dedicated to books and a rather convenient file manager.

Also interesting is the extensive customization of the system, which is possible from the settings, and which also allows you to manage the display, so as to adapt it to your use. In fact, Onyx offers 4 different refresh modes: HD, Balanced, Fast and Ultrafast. The first allows excellent resolution at the expense of the refresh rate (to be chosen for reading), as we move towards Ultrafast, the refresh rate increases at the expense of resolution and ghosting, a trail effect that occurs during scrolling.

Speaking of autonomy, the 3700mAh supplied offers very different results based on the chosen use. In case of reading or writing it is possible to get to cover several days of use, while in a more ‘multimedia’ perspective, therefore with extensive use of videos or music, the battery will decrease more quickly. In any case, getting to the end of the day will never be a problem for this Onyx BOOX Note Air3C.


Ultimately, this Onyx BOOX Note Air3C proves to have all it takes to be considered one of the best e-Ink devices currently available on the market. The list price of 549,99€ is certainly not among the most accessible, but considering the high cost of these panels and all the features combined with the general quality of the product, we can only recommend the purchase of this tablet. You can buy it Who. Keep an eye on him! Before saying goodbye, we invite you to follow the mobile section of techgameworld.com for further news and video reviews. See you soon!

Points in favor

  • Construction quality
  • Color display
  • Software
  • Pen supplied

Points against

  • Extremely variable autonomy
  • Line accuracy under certain conditions
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