Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia and the concept of superhero

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Welcome to this new episode of Anime Breakfast! Today’s protagonist has totally changed the concept of superhero, differing greatly from the classic Batman and Spider-Man from DC and Marvel: My Hero Academia

It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from the experience is part of life!

Our favorite Sunday Anime Breakfast column continues. Today we return to the classic by simply talking about ours favorite anime, souls who have won our hearts and who have taught us something. Yes, because today we will talk about what is really important to do so that we can do good to improve society. We talked about masterpieces like Death Note, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Full Metal Alchemist. The anime series we will talk about today is the work of Kōhei Horikoshi, published in 2014 in paper format and broadcast on television two years later, in 2016We are talking about My Hero Academia! (or Boku No Hero Academia, for the fussy).

The superhero from a new point of view | Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia

A note of merit that must be made to My Hero Academia is that revolutionized the concept of superhero, completely breaking the standard of a hero with a powerful, impeccable physique and always willing to help others. My Hero Academia features gods completely different, imperfect, weak and arrogant superheroes. One thing to appreciate very much is the fact that every hero is different from the other and we’re not just talking about costumes, powers or anything else that concerns aesthetics. What makes this anime special is that every hero has his own moral, there are those who simply aspire to glory, showing off their “benevolence” by saving someone in danger while the public watches, while when there is a simple petty thief robbing an old lady that hero will do nothing because it doesn’t have an audience. There are those who, on the contrary, he is willing to help anyone by giving up glory, helping in any case his intervention is necessary. The superheroes here are very similar to those in The Boys, some acting for their own personal gain, others acting in the name of good. In short, the characters totally break the concept of superheroproving that not all superheroes are truly superheroes.

Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia and the concept of superhero

A young man with a dream | Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia

The protagonist of this beautiful and intricate story is the young man Izuko Midoriya, a boy who has dreamed of becoming a hero since he was a child. There’s a little problem: the boy is quirkless. “But what is a quirk?” you ask yourself. In short words, a quirk is the power a person is born with. Well yes, the world of My Hero Academia is a world where superheroes are born, not made (or at least that’s what Izuko thought). Little Izuko is a huge fan of the number one hero, All Might, a hero who teaches everyone to smile even in the most complicated situations. All Might’s characteristic, in fact, is to help anyone in need always smilingto reassure civilians and to give strength in difficult times.

One day, the hero notices little Izuko trying to save Bakugou, his childhood friend, captured by a monstrous supervillain. All Might therefore decides to give Midoriya a chance, giving him part of his power, the most powerful of all, the One For All. From this point on, the young protagonist’s life is completely turned upside down, as is his favorite hero suggests he enroll in his academy, from which he takes his name, and demonstrate to everyone what All Might saw in him: that he is the greatest hero in the world and the only worthy successor.

Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia and the concept of superhero

What does it mean to be a hero? | Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia

We arrive at the crucial point of this episode: What does it mean to be a hero? A hero is a very strong man, an impeccable man, a courageous man who always manages to defeat the villain. No, be a hero it means much more. This is what My Hero Academia teaches, and we learn it from those who are ultimately the true protagonists of the story: Deku e All Mightor better to say, Izuku Midoriya e Toshinori Yagi. Thanks to them the story begins, thanks to them we can understand what it means to be a hero. The lessons that Toshinori teaches to his dearest student Izuku do not concern the spectacular moves to make when a civilian is in danger, or at least not only. What it teaches him, in fact, it’s being a true herohow to deal with one’s problems in life, how to help others so that the world is safe and can improve.

The reason why All Might always smiles when he springs into action It’s based on never giving upabout giving our all to overcome every obstacle and achieve our dreams and, above all, always help others despite the harm they may have caused. Toshinori, therefore, wants to make sure that Izuku is ready to face the world with the right method and indirectly this is what it also does with us spectators. Even in dark moments, get up and smile! It is not important that you never fall, but that get up after every fall and learn from your mistakes. This is what My Hero Academia teaches.

Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia and the concept of superhero

Great lessons from a great hero | Anime Breakfast: My Hero Academia

At the end of the fair, My Hero Academia teaches us a lot. The goal of this series is not only to teach us the true meaning of hero, but how to deal with life’s problems in the right way. My Hero Academia is a work that can fascinate not only comic book readers or movie lovers, My Hero Academia is a philosophy of life, therefore intended for anyone who wants to enjoy a good tear-jerking story with impeccably written characters. This is not a world where the hero defeats the villain and the story ends there, this is a world where the hero faces his difficulties, giving an example to everyone on how to live their life to the fullest and how to make it better for others too, simply by inspiring them. However, All Might’s inspiration was enough for Izuku Midoriya to become Deku.

If you want to catch up on the series, you can find all the episodes on VVVVID! Let us know what you think about My Hero Academia in the comments and stay tuned with us on so you don’t miss anything else from the world of cinema and TV series!

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