Anker responds to the security breach of Eufy cameras

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Anker has responded to allegations made by several security experts regarding the breach of its camcorders brand Eufy. But the analysts and reporters who have followed this story have other questions that lack an answer.

Anker responds to the security breach of Eufy cameras

Il face recognition it allows security cameras to distinguish, for example, between an intruder when you’re away from home and a pet walking in front of the sensors. In addition, it allows you to understand that it is you who enters the door and can thus avoid unnecessary alarms. Many companies perform recognition in the cloud, using powerful servers.

Eufy, however, proudly said that it doesn’t send any images to the cloud, to avoid privacy issues. However, several analysts and even The Verge reporters have confirmed that Eufy video door phones send images to the cloud without encrypting them. And also that using VLC it was possible to access a camera stream.

Anker responded to this breach with a blog post. Admitting faults only in part. The company explained that some processes, such as sending notifications to users, “today still require us to use ours server AWS sicuro”. However, “the image is protected by end-to-end encryption”.

The company also explains that, although no hacker has compromised user data with the method explained by security experts, it has taken steps to strengthen the security of its portal. However, he continues to deny having sent images for facial recognition in the cloud.

The Verge, which first covered this case, still has several questions, however. The most pressing concerns the ability to see a stream of one camcorder via VLC from other side of US, while the data should only be kept locally.

He also sent a long series of specific questions about the breach. But she also asked, if some information is saved on the cloud, how does Anker behave if it law enforcement agencies should ask for registrations. We will keep you updated in case Anker also answers these questions.

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