Anno 1800: “Nuove Vette”, the new DLC of the game, is available

Anno 1800: è disponibile "Nuove Vette", il nuovo DLC del gioco thumbnail

1800: Ubisoft has announced that the last DLC of the third season of the video game, “New Heights”, is available from August 31st.

Anno 1800: what awaits us

In New Heights you will be able to reach new heights, building impressive skyscrapers: in addition, new buildings, factories, a new monument and much more will be available.

A thriving population needs a lot of housing, and there’s no better way to maximize your city’s space than to build up through the skyscrapers.

New Vette skyscrapers are available to Investors and Engineers citizens and can be deployed up to five levels (three for Engineers), each level increases the height, maximum population and number of residents required. It will therefore be possible to build upwards for the first time in Anno 1800, taking advantage of a system
modular that offers many combinations to customize your buildings.

New Vette also introduces a new monument, the Skyline Tower, inspired by some of the most skyscrapers
famous in the world. As skyscrapers are built and upgraded, the Panorama Effect must be kept in mind, which will increase the maximum occupancy of a building, reduce operating costs and provide a resident bonus until the skyscraper in question is surrounded. from other skyscrapers of the same height or higher.

But that is not all…

A free update will be available alongside New Peaks and will focus on Quality-of-Life improvements, a new high score screen and a multi-downgrade tool to more effectively plan the city.

Anno 1800: where to find it and the cost

The base game is available now until 10pm on September 6 on Ubisoft Connect on the Epic Games Store for Windows PC. New Vette can be purchased for € 8.99 or as part of the Season 3 Pass for € 19.99.

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