Anonymous strikes again: streaming on Russian TV

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The collective of hacker activists Anonymous continue to cyber war against the Kremlinmanaging to convey messages and information about the Russian TV. And in addition to demonstration actions for fight propaganda of Moscow, which hides the horror of the conflict from its citizens, there are many other attacks to major sites and servers in Russia.

Anonymous hits Russian TV, breaking the Kremlin’s propaganda wall

Anonymous’s hacker campaign against the Kremlin knows no pauses and this weekend has continued to strike. Volunteer hacks have done quite well striking in what is becoming a veritable computer warfare.

As already done in the previous insights on Anonymous and the so-called Operation Russiawe specify the operations are carried out by hackers, as the name of the collective says, anonymous. Therefore it is difficult to attribute the attacks and verify them independently, also due to the Russian reluctance to disclose the attacks suffered.

Anonymous on Russian TV, to overcome Kremlin censorship

The most significant blow done over the weekend by Anonymous concerns the mass communication. After the Kremlin has blocked social networks, Russian TV and state newspapers are one of the few ways Russian citizens can learn about the conflict. This makes it simple for Moscow underestimate your losses and peddle the invasion as a successful and peaceful operation.

Anonymous yesterday (Sunday, March 6) reported having had access to Russian streaming services Wink e Ibid, which these days will be even more used after Netflix has blocked its services in Russia. Furthermore, it would also broadcast on public channels such as Russia 24, Channel One, Moscow 24 of the video clips showing the invasion of Ukraine. By bypassing the Kremlin propaganda and showing the enormous human cost the conflict is having.

But besides TV there are other initiatives that Anonymous is carrying out so that the Russian population can learn about the drama of the conflict in Ukraine. For example, he opened an SMS service to communicate information to the Russian population. In addition to Anonymous, other online groups are taking action, for example by launching a channel to track down family and friends sent to fight in Ukraine.

The hope is that these operations will give information to the Russian population, which in recent days has continued to protest, with now over ten thousand arrests of pacifists by the Moscow regime.

The other attacks of the last few days

In addition to these operations to communicate with the Russian population, Anonymous has reported several attacks on Russian sites. Some demonstration, others with potentially strategic effects. The first case includes the operations of activists who have ‘drawn’ of troll faces in software for Russian military radios. But having “broken through” the software also has the effect of making the Russian army doubt the security of its communications.

Anonymous also reports that it “went into the air in Russia”. In fact he would have hit the system of ventilation Of orangescadaa Russian IT company.

anonymous Ukrainian hackers joined min

The previous results of Anonymous’s cyber war

In addition to attacking Russian TV, Anonymous and other hacker activists have continued to target Russia since the invasion began. However, specifying that: “No. Anonymous is not at war with Russia. We are at war against Putin. The Russian people do not support Putin’s war of aggression against the Ukrainian people ”.

Here are the most striking results of the past few days (here you can read the news in their entirety):

  • February 25 Anonymous publishes the data of the Russian Ministry of Defense (perhaps already leaked in the past)
  • Hit the Gazprom sitethe main Russian gas supplier
  • In Belarusthe site of the leading manufacturer of Tetraedr weapons ends offline. Services railway vanno ko
  • Offline the sites of the Ministry of Justice and Energy Russians
  • Online over 40 thousand documents in Russian del Russian Nuclear Safety Institute
  • Information from over 20 thousand current accounts of the Russian state bank SberBank they end up on the net
  • Blocked the site bestchange.rupreventing you from converting rubles into cryptocurrencies
  • Various Russian media attacked, including TASS,,, e
  • Electric car charging stations in Russia hit, with messages in support of Ukraine
  • The navigation of the yatch of the Russian president ‘Graceful’ Hacker is coming
  • Anonymous ha posted the frequencies of Russian military short-range radios
  • IPublished of the data to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development
  • The affiliated collective NB65 block the space agency website Roscosmos
  • Anonymous would have recovered the Russian invasion plansapproved on February 18
  • Affected over 2,500 Russian sites by online activists, including the website of the government established in Crimea
  • Hit the site of theRussian Space Research Institute (IKI)
  • Published i personal data of 120,000 soldiers Russians

These are the latest strikes against the Kremlin by Anonymous and other hackers, who are using TV, websites and every communication channel to inform the Russian population. But also to hit institutions close to Moscow. We will keep you informed in case of new attacks.